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Airplanes Then and Now

No description

Brennan Curtis

on 6 May 2014

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Transcript of Airplanes Then and Now

One of the first human flights were winged gliders that looked like Leonardos drawing.
Still no plane was able to go a long distance. They had to stay over land. All that changed when Charles Lindburgh flew from New York to Paris, France.
Airplanes Then and Now
By: Brennan Curtis
Before anyone thought of even flying Leonardo da Vinci thought of a flying machine .Many people thought da Vinci's idea was a dream.Exactly, how could a person fly like a bird?
In the 1800 people tried to make flying machines.They thought a birds body would be the best model.But machines made like a birds body did not fly.
The first to build an aircraft was the Wright brothers.Their plane did not go very far or very high.The first flight lasted 12 seconds and went 120 feet.

World Wars I and II started and they were the first to use planes commonly. After the World Wars people didn't use planes. But since planes were faster than trains, they used them for commercial reasons.
Today, Commercial airliners are the most common used airliner and over 700 million people use them each year.
Jets are now the fastest aircraft ever invented.You can see them in airshows and they are mainly used in wars.

The Internet
Taking Off: Planes Then and Now
by Steve Otfinoski
Take Off! : all About Airplanes
by Jennifer Prior
Orville and Wilbur Wright
by Ann Gaines
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