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History, Benefits, and Modernizing.

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Claire Hawthorne

on 21 February 2017

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Transcript of History, Benefits, and Modernizing.

History, Benefits, and Modernizing of the piano.
Pianos have changed greatly throughout the years. They have frequently been changing ever since Bartolomeo first invented the instrument.
Pianos have changed over the years. They can now be made to be electric keyboards. The sound is almost identical, but it is all electrical.
Claire Hawthorne 2017
Bartolomeo Cristofori was the first man ever to create a paino. He lived in Padua, Italy. He worked as a harpsichord maker. He loved music in any and all ways. In 1709 he decided to experiment and he created the first piano ever.
In Bartolomeos time he named the piano, ‘gravic embalo col piano e forte’. Which translates to, ‘ a harpsichord that plays soft and loud.’
Playing the piano can actually
be quite beneficial
to your health.
Piano relieves stress, it can be soothing. It takes your mind of the present and takes you to a world of music. It will take your mind off anything causing you stress.
Playing piano can foster great hand-eye coordination. It trains your brain and your hands to work accordingly to each other. Having to read the music and often glance at your hands to check position is where hand-eye coordination comes into play.
Playing piano can inspire, or even spark ones imagination and creativity. Piano has its definitions and its techniques and skills. But it also gives you freedom to create your own art and music.
Grand Piano
Electric Piano
Not very many people actually look into the history of the piano. They overlook the benefits received from playing an instrument. They also don't realize how much has changed from the first piano ever.

I am here to educate you all on this subject, and these topics.
The piano has a wonderful beginning, its beneficial for your mind, and its become so much more than a piano.
It has become an art!
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History of the piano. Copyright © 2017 Pianonet

Mantius Cazaubon


http://www.healthfitnessrevolution.com/?s=top+10+benefits+of+playing+piano Top 10 health benefits of playing piano. June 5, 2015.

The End.
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