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Matthew Arnold


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Transcript of Matthew Arnold

Matthew Arnold Born December 24, 1822 Died April 15, 1888 1830s Was Tutored by his Uncle. Occupied a holiday home, Fox How, in the Lake District. Marriage 1840s Won an open Scholarship to Balliol College, Oxford. Became private Secretary to Lord Landsdowne, lord president of the Council. Married Frances Lucy, Daughter of Sir William Wightman. Had 6 children Thomas 1852 - 1868 Trevenen William 1853 - 1872 Richard Penrose 1855 - 1904 Lucy Charlotte 1858 - 1934 Eleanor Mary Caroline 1861 - 1936 Basil Frances 1866 - 1868 Poems "Dover Beach" It show the Awe in Nature. For example The sea is calm tonight The tide is full, The moon lies fair; The Scholar Gypsi Shows celecration of the individual A boy left the school of oxford to join a Band of Gypsies He broke away from the crowd and beame an outcast. 5 romantic Characteristics Interest in the common man and childhood Strong senses, emotions, and feelings Awe of nature Celebration of the individual Importance of Imagination F I N Fin!
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