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Go-kart history

No description

andrew banhardt

on 4 September 2013

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Transcript of Go-kart history

The Go-Kart!
By: Andrew B.
Westley H.
1st period, 8/16/13

The first one.
The first go-kart was made in 1956 by the man named Art Ingels also called the father of go-karts. It was made from scrap metal and a lawn mower engine. The original patents are not around because of their age.
What did it take?
The man who invented the go-kart (art ingels) was a designer for Kurtis Kraft's race cars and he was an Indy car builder in the 50's so you might say he was an mechanical engineer of his time.
What patent is this.When was this made.
US 4682668 A. The Go-kart This is 1985
US D682739 S1. The Go-kart May 21, 2013
EP 0854800 B1. Go-kart bumper system Jan 2, 2002
EP 0999382 A3. Differential transmission for a pedal propelled vehicle or go-kart and similar Dec 6, 2000
EP 1254802 B1. Go-Kart Feb 21, 2007
Clothing item, particularly for karting Aug 6, 2003
And there are over 100 more!!

What all did it take.
The man who made this was an mechanical engineer and was very good at it. so you might need some type degree in this area to be able to build an go-kart which is like an car, and also an chemical to make sure the gas you're using is good for it.
some changes
This is a big thing in the art of go-karts. some things that have changed are things like how the can now go up to 100 mph!!! some other things are like how their not made from an lawn mower motor. There are other things like how there's off road karts and other things like that. Also we now have tracks made to ride on.
How dose this impact our world and our society?
The go kart is for our internment and that's about it. people all around the world use them a lot and have sense they were kids. There are over 1000 jobs that make these so it dose impact that area also.
APA format reference
1. http://www.vintagekarts.com/ingels.htm
4. Mr. Beattys power point
6.summery of it all

summery of it all
The Go Kart
-A small human moving vehicle
-Made by: Art Ingels
-Made in 1956
- Made for fun and now racing
-Made with steel and a motor
-This is an spot that has changed and will be an american free time activity for a while to come
go-kart time line
1956- First one art Ingels
1960's- The fad catches on
1970's- The racing starts
1980's- The WKA is made

The WKA is the world karting association and
is who sponsors the racing.
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