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Effects of the war

No description

Maaite IJSpelder

on 22 April 2010

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Transcript of Effects of the war

Effects of the war World War 2 ends How?
Yalta conference
First of 3 war time meetings after the war in 1945, to discuss reorganistion and re- establishments.
Present were heads of the US, UK, and the soviet union. (Roosevelt, Churchill and Stalin)..
They made plans to reorganise/rebuild Europe.
Lead to the creation of the United Nations, and the NATO (North atlantic tready organisation.)
also lead to Anglo-American Alliance,which stated that america could no longer remain isolated from the rest of the world.

Potsdam conference
Last of the 3 war time meetings after the war
A lot had changed after the Yalta conference
America had a new president (Truman) and the UK had a new prime minister( Clement Attllee)
America made an atomic bomb (Manhattan project) but did not tell Stalin.
A couple of weeks later they tell Stalin. Stalin was outraged that Truman did not tell this earlier.
This they agreed on at this conference were
prosecution of Nazi war criminals.
Germany's eastern border was to be shifted westwards.
Division of Germany and Austria

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