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amazing race

No description

suban ahmed

on 17 January 2013

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Transcript of amazing race

Rome, Italy Amazing race Information on Rome, Italy Rome is the capital city of Italy.Rome
is located in the region Lazio. Its latitude and longitude is 41:53:57N 12:28:50E. Rome is mostly known for its history.Founded about 2700 years ago, most of its history is made up of famous historical tourist sites like the Colosseum. During the summer, the weather is very hot and can go up to 35 degrees Celsius.During the winter, the climate is mild compared to here in Canada. The temperature goes to about 13 degrees Celsius. The holidays in Rome are through the month of august where people tend to go to more cooler spots.During the roman empire, the Romans used to worship their gods in the temple. they believed that if their god was happy than they were to have good luck but if there god were unhappy then they were to have bad luck.there was no exact name for this religion. later on, in about 300 AD the current religion then became roman Catholicism and still is to this day.In Rome, their main language is italian, but as you may know there are many tourists who speak different language like french, English etc. Also Vatican city, (which is located inside Rome) the main language is Latin. option #1 -challenge 1 option 1 challenge # 2 From Capuchin crypt, you must travel to Fontana de trevi by bike and you will meet Phil along side Gianna Nannini a fa,ous italian pop singer and that will be your final destination map of Rome leg: Castel Sant'Angelo to Campo De' Fori by bike
Starting from Castel Sant' Angelo, you must travel to Campo De' Fiori by bike. Campo De' Fiori is right beside Piazza Navona and its exact location is 41° 53 44.16 N, 12° 28 19.8 E. Campo De' Fiori is a square with many people who pass through to get to places like Basilica of St. John Lateran and Vatican. There you must learn how to make a perfect pizza which is taught to you by a man who owns the cart.Once approved by the man you must sell 25 pizzas and give the money to the man this requires 2 people. materials:
chair castel saint angelo leg: they must go to Palatine
hill from Campo De Fiori

challenge: In Palatine Hill they have two options, either they must climb to the top of Palatine Hill or find the pink flag hidden in the ruins of Palatine Hill.Once you have found the ping flag or have climbed to the top you will be given your next clue. basilica of st john Lateran transportation: requires:
2 people cultural reflections:
during this option one of the challenges
were to create pizzas.In Italy pizzas
are very famous and were also created there. materials:
pink flag
car (fiat) Palatine Hill:
Palatine Hill is about 4o meters high. It is said that people have been living there since 1000 B.C. It is also believed in Rome that two baby boys named Romolus and Remus were found by a female wolf who that later kept them alive. after which, a shepherd named Faustulus who lived near by had found the two babies and decided to keep them with his wife Acca Larentia.Later, Romolus named the city Rome and it is believed that Romes origin might have come from Palatine Hill since that is where the two were found. Palatine hill is now a museum where many people visit. cultural/landmark reflections:
The palatine hill has become a famous landmark visited by many tourist and even citizens of Italy. option 1 challenge 3 leg: from Palatine hill, to Capuchin crypt
by bus challenge: once at Capuchin crypt,each group will be given
a list of bones there written in italian.
Once all the correct bones have been found then they will be
given their next clue. location: south of piazza novanna
at the border of rione parione
41.8956 N, 12.4722 E Capuchin crypt:
The Capuchin crypt is under a church called
Santa Maria Della Concezione. The crypt holds about 4,000
dead monks. A monk is a person who practices something called
religious asceticism. Asceticism is a religious practice where
people isolate themselves from tings that give people material happiness. monks live alone or with other monks materials:
car (fiat) cultural/landmark reflections:
in Rome Catholicism is the main religion in Italy. the monks are dedicated to Catholicism that is
why they were buried under the church. the monks decided buried under the church.the minks decided to bury themselves under religious land location:
41.9046° N, 12.4887° E
near piazza Barberini option 2 challenge 1 option 2 challenge 2 leg: Castel saint Angelo to Colosseum
by bike challenge: they must preform a song on guitar and collect 20 CAD dollars which is equivalent to 15.51 euros. you must read the sign that says "give the money to the guitar teacher" if they did not give the money to the guitar teacher they must go back and give it to him. leg: from the Colosseum they must travel to Sistine chapel challenge: There are many popes in the Sistine chapel and they have to find the pope currently in power. They will be given the description on a sheet of paper once they find the right one they will be given their next clue. option 2 challenge 3 leg: from Sistine chapel to Piazza
Navona by bike challenge: you must learn how to dance a dance called the tarantella dance. once you have mastered the dance you will be given your final destination. final destination of option 2 final destination: Once you've completed
your task in piazza Navona you must travel to baths of Caracalla and you will meet Phil along side Francesco Totti the famous italian striker.The first person to the pit stop is the winner of the leg. material:
guitar cultural/landmark
guitar playing is very famous in Italy and is believed to have been created in Italy. location: 41.8902° N, 12.4923° E
east of the roman forum Colosseum: the Colosseum was originally named
flavian amphitheater. it is located in the center of rome.
it is most know for its gladiator fights. created in about 80 AD,
it is one of the most famous tourist attractions in Rome for its history. location:41.9031° N, 12.4544° E
north of San piero Sistine chapel: is an church well known over all of Italy.
currently, that is where the pope lives. its architecture is
admired all around the world. location: its coordinates are 41.8989° N, 12.4731° E to the
right of saint Agneses material: paper piazza Navona
piazza Navona is one of the worlds famous squares it has three beautiful major fountains and is situated in central rome.

tarantella dance: the tarantella dance is an italian folk dance for many years this dance is believed to cure sicknesses. it is mostly known to be played at weddings. final destination Fontana De Trevi
located on 41.9009 N,
12.4832 E.close to a metro
station Fontana de trevi is
one the famous fountains in Italy.
Everyday, many tourist come to
this fountain to throw a coin and make a
wish. physical characteristics:
Campo De' Fiori is man made Fontana De Trevi Colosseum Capuchin crypt castel sant Angelo campo de' fiori location:
41.8794° N, 12.4931° E south east of via Borghese gardens baths of Caracalla
at about 212 AD to 216 AD baths of caracalla was a public bath. it was also a place where people could socialize and talk. it even had gyms, libraries and restaurants. transportation: bike thanks for listening! man made landform man made landform man made land form man made land form man made land form man made land form man made land form transportation: bike transportation: car transportation: bus transportation: bike transportation: car
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