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No description

Charlotte Smelt

on 5 November 2014

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Transcript of Cosplay

Cosplay is.....
Conventions are usually the places to see lots of cosplayers.

There are cons all over the world!!

Cosplay is a sub culture all on its own.
The cosplay community as a whole is very accepting.
Why Do I Cosplay?
Is (I think) a pretty cool part of cosplay where you dress up as the opposite gender version of a character.

It just further proves that there are no limits to what you can do as a cosplayer!!!
Costumes & Props
Lots of people make their own costumes.
They make armor out of craft foam or thermo-plastics like Worbla and sew clothing as well.

There are manufacturers who mass produce certain costumes and professionals who make costumes and props on a commission basis.

(I personally get more satisfaction from making as much of my outfit as I possibly can)

Cosplay outfits vary greatly and can range from simple themed clothing to highly detailed costumes with to scale props.

I've loved dressing up from a young age. I love Halloween more than Christmas.

Why wouldn't I want to dress up as my favorite characters?

It's a confidence booster. What girl doesn't want to be Catwoman, Princess Zelda or Wonder Woman and what guy doesn't want to be Batman, Goku or a Jedi?

Its a great way to channel creativity; I love making the costumes and doing make-up.

The satisfaction of showing off something I've made and put effort into.

(My favorite part!!!)
For me make up is just another form of art except instead of paper, your face and body are the canvas.

You can use body paint and latex paints.

I usually only decorate my face but there are a few cosplayers that use only body paint to portray their characters. (Those people are way braver than I am.)
The Dark Side of Cosplay
The cosplay scene has its fair share of problems, including more and more reported incidents of sexual harassment and assault.

Its no secret that anime girls defy gravity, and super heroines usually wear too-tight spandex and not much else.

Many cosplayers ("professional" and otherwise) are the target of a lot of hate because of the nature of some outfits.

Literally short for costume play.

Participants wear costumes and fashion accessories to represent a specific character or idea.

Could be a specific character from a movie/tv show, video game or even a book/comic book OR a character of your own making.

Cosplayers also dress up as certain inanimate objects. Such as: Dr. Who's Tardis and Star Wars Death Star.

What Is Cosplay?
Cosplay gives you the chance to really be yourself.
Cosplay is putting your own spin on a favorite character.
Borderlands Psycho
Team Fortress 2-Engineer
Tomb Raider - Lara Croft
My sister and I
(First Ever Cosplay)
My friends and I October 2013
I have a huge collection of different items that help me complete a look.
Including drugstore makeup, theatrical make up and liquid latex.
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