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anijah d

on 10 April 2015

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Europe,Greece and Philosophy to 500 B.C.
- Sparta farming was carryied out mainly by individual families which grew just enough for themselves
- Helots were enslaved Messenians
- There were many merchants because they focused on their military training
- Athens was very involved in trade.
Electronic Passport to Ancient Greece
- They greeks learn the alphabet from the phoenicians
- They became interested because they had poor soil.
Ancient Greece : Archaic Greece,800-500B.C.
-The reason they had to colonize because greece has alot of hilly and mountainous terrian.
- 3 locations where new greek colonies were Istanbul,Marseille,and Naples.
- Minoans civilization existed on Crete.
-At first, Minoan activity was mainly Maritime Power.
-Knossus was a large palace.
-Minoan skills include metal-working and carpenting.
- Minoan exported things like wood.
Created by: Anijah Dingle
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