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Using English lessons more effectively

No description

Mrs Eastwood

on 29 November 2016

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Transcript of Using English lessons more effectively

Staff Meeting
30th November 2016

Using English lessons more effectively
Planning a Sequence of lessons
Planning ahead
In your planning or teaching teams, please spend 10 minutes planning a skeleton for your next English unit.
Boys' Writing
RAG rating and target setting
1. Glue in coloured slip
2. Add specific targets (e.g. glue in sheets neatly; use a ruler; cross out neatly)
3. We only have until 3:45 for this so use your gut instincts
RAG rating
Y1: Tracy, Tracy & Sophie
Y2: Sue & Alexa
Y3: Kelly & Richard
Y4: Claire & Amanda (not higher ability)
Y5: Sheena & Helen

Rest of Year 4, 5 and 6 to set their own targets so just need a coloured slip.

Writing Overviews
from Carlton Primary School
Reading Curriculum

Need to teach reading skills not just

Shared text, reading skill, whiteboard practice, general comprehension activity, review.
* challenge bookmarks
* signs in classroom
* reference to skill during class book
* focus during 1:1 reading
Y2: kite-making
Y6: MSJ sensory pods

Over and above normal practice
Spelling is a problem

We are teaching rules
Monitoring regularly
Putting in interventions when needed
Writing is a problem
We are planning sequences of lessons
We are assessing regularly
We are involving pupils in the target-setting process

Boys are a problem
We are taking account of their interests when planning lessons
We are using more kinaesthetic activities
We are planning a specific writing 'event' for this half term

How are we making sure we are giving pupils the best chances in English?
More able are a problem
We are using and measuring objectives carefully so that we can spot children who are achieving easily.
We will work more on this area in the Spring term.
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