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Lindsay Truszkowski

on 26 April 2016

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Structured schedule everyday, about 50 k-5 students everyday.

K-5 Elementary School in Montclair, New Jersey.
Provides a low cost after-school care program for students to participate in while their parents are still at work.
Mondays 3:00-5:00pm
Leadership Concept: The Path Goal Theory
The leader defines the paths, clarifies the paths, removes the obstacles, and then provides support for their followers.
There are four different leadership styles: directive, supportive, participated, and achievement oriented.
Leaders tend to be motivational with this theory.
This approach is very helpful with the motivation of the students at my service site.
This theory focuses on the leaders direction and motivation to help their followers
accomplish their goals.
Directive leaders
provide guidance and structure for their followers so they are aware of what they are doing, or have to do.
Supportive leaders
provides comfort for their followers if they have emotional issues.
Participated leaders
provide help for their followers by being involved in their work or tasks.
Achievement Oriented leaders
provides tasks for the follower so they can over come it, and get something out of it.
When dealing with younger students I realized that they can always use a little motivation to get work done.
I have realized that the younger students, are very achievement oriented at my site.
An example, is when they are doing homework, they need motivation to get it done, then they usually get the reward of going outside to play once it is done.
When the Path Goal Theory is executed properly, I think it is very similar to how it is explained in the book.
The way the theory is described in the book is presented the same way in real life situations.
I feel that the commitment level can vary.
You sometimes have to be many different types of leaders at the same time.
The competency that is most effect at my service site is
Community Building
Community building entails bringing diverse individuals together to work towards a common goal through dialogue.
This usually helps you understand and appreciate other's perspective and interest.
While at my service learning site I had to deal with a lot of drama amongst the students.
I tried to go out of my way to have some friend groups include other friend groups in their games and activities.
An example of this when the boys would not let the girls play soccer with them.
I think the most important part of the community building competency is being dedicated to growth.
Community building is not a quick fix, it is something that is constantly worked upon.
I have learned a lot about community building at my service site, and I cannot wait to bring what I learned to the other leadership positions that I hold.

The main problem that Bradford solves is that they provide after-school care for children to have a place to grow and learn while their parents are still at work, after they are done with their normal school day.
The program is a YMCA after-care program, therefore they cater to any financial problems a family may have, never denying a family of services due to money.
The YMCA non-profit company takes a lot of pride in what they do.
They depend on volunteers to help run their services to keep cost low.
I think it is up to the volunteers to provide a great atmosphere for the children.
I think showing up in a positive mood every week to my site, effected the children positively.
I truly think the positivity and happiness are contagious.
The volunteers showing up happy and getting along with each other definitely makes an impact on the children.
I think the willingness of the volunteers to help the children with whatever they have to do, shows the dedication to solving the problem.
The organization chose the agenda they have because they found it the most productive.
I think they stick to the same schedule so the students know what is expected from them.
Through passed experience I feel that this is the best way to solve their problem.
In hindsight, I think it would be productive for them to train their volunteers better.
Overall, I had a great experience at my sight and I do not think there is much to change.
Community, is not something found everywhere.
Sometimes there is a lack of connection and communication between people.
A lot of people often do not care about hearing others perspectives and ideas.
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