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Project Haiti

Last Integration Presntation

Luca Bares

on 29 April 2013

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Transcript of Project Haiti

adsfaf -Dwight D. Eisenhower A people that values its privileges above its principles soon loses both. A people that values its privileges above its principles soon loses both. -Dwight D. Eisenhower Our Values Dedication to client’s success Trust and personal responsibility in all relationships Innovations that matter for customers and the world IBM’s Ethical Beliefs Business Conduct Guidelines Ayn Rand Leverage the size of IBM by doing the right thing Ethical Egoism Self-interest of rational people will never conflict IBM is acting in their self-interest Acting by looking at external world, helping others Seek projects where their expertise is needed IBM uses developing nations for educational awareness Not greed Immanuel Kant Walked away from deals in the past Renewed every year Signature required Shown to every new employee Blue Project 10 Million People Live in Haiti For every 1,000 people there are 1.3 hospital beds Benefits of Project Haiti Project Schedule Training for IBM Technology Training for Red Cross Volunteers Finish Productivity Labor Productivity Number of units produced/Number of labor hours spent Ethical Decision Making Step 1: Inquiry Works through five step process Create best solution for most people Depletes tension Looks at the whole picture before making decision Board of Directors, Stockholders, Public, Employees, and Customers Action Problems: charity work, within or outside the US, and paying dividends Ethically correct? Step 2: Discussion Options: Corporate Responsibility Increased Shareholder Profit Views of the company from other companies and people Goals Make people happy Splitting profits Step 3: Decision Enough room in budget for dividend payout and special programs Greater value of view from others Improving profits for all Keep good natured relationships Negotiation Step 4: Justification Duty of Care Duty of Loyalty Good standings with shareholders Higher profits important Helps needy, as a large corporation Step 5: Evaluation Corporate relationship in tact with less pressures Community improved with supporting outside areas and shareholders Individual relationships improved as a whole community Decisions Continue splitting profits Keeps shareholders happy
Improves quality of life
Views of the company will remain intact Evaluation Criteria
Technologically capable workforce
Red Cross already in Haiti, a big help
Proximity to suppliers
Have connections on how to attain materials needed for hospital
Proximity to interstate roads and airports
Utilities, taxes, and real estate costs
Quality of life
Favorable labor climate
No cost of goods sold, not manufacturing but service Supply Chain Planning Costs Long-term Planning Not enough information Linear Programming Over Processing
Online database more efficient than forms
Using computers or tablets more productive Lean Operations Find the area with the highest demand that we can meet Demand Forecasting Efficient Workspace
Have basic resources in every room
Have “like” patients near each other and have resources nearby
Construction design with minimal floors
Where other hospitals will be in the future Facility Layout Design After the earthquake in 2010, malaria became a big issue in Haiti Focus on values externally as well as internally
Networking brings good opportunities
Good stories show outsiders how IBM helps society Recap Concept of Fixed Cost and Order Quantity
Higher the fixed cost, higher the order quantity
Lower the fixed cost, lower the order quantity
Inventory Management Could use period average moving methods to predict demand Demand Forecasting Plan accordingly using a chart like this… Short-Term Planning Global Communities Development is something they do with the people affected Volunteers from IBM This will lead to more facilities being built with the help of the grant Many people loved the service they forgot to clock their hours for past projects Help build Clock hours IBM would implement the technologies needed for the hospital Our supplies would come from the Red Cross They would teach prevention and treatment of common diseases Plan out goods that could go bad Figure out demand for these items Automated data base for inventory would save IBM time

Keep track of more essential items such as syringes and medication

Keeping track of inventory helps with demand forecasting for the future

Get rid of what you don’t need to have more room for things you need most Inventory Overproduction Unnecessary printing
Duplicates of patient information
Database will have information Optimizing/Minimizing Cost Patients Required number of workers Workforce Overtime Under time Productive time Hires Layoffs Ethically Sound Decisions Leverage size of company
Helps with transformation of company into globally integrated enterprise
Increase revenue
Total philanthropic contributions amount to $250 million
Volunteerism are increasingly strategic and technology oriented Operations Simulation Simulation will be used after development is complete Components needed to run a simulation have not been established Categorical Imperative- Rule has to be applied to all people and if it cannot, it is immoral

IBM is making all employees help in charities

Walking away from deals Men have certain roles and women have certain role
Arab International Women Forum in the UK Courses that collaborated with Egyptian Ministry of Communication Building Bridges to Arab World—National Council of Women in Egypt Carol Gilligan Receive recognition Apply for grants Proposed layout The interactions between departments are given as follows Facility Layout Design Explanation Forecast demand for medical treatment Staffing Facility size Materials Practical Imperative- A person cannot be used strictly for a means of someone else’s end Making things available to the less fortunate Blind Diabetic Employee Almost 120,00 people are affected by HIV or Aids Thanks for your attention! Oh and one more thing... Volunteers
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