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Religon CPT

No description

Adi Dalal

on 31 May 2011

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Transcript of Religon CPT

Religon cpt: COOKING project Aditi Iyer
April 4th 2011
Ms. Loffreddi
hre 201
MENU: Main Course: Pasta Primavera Appetizer : Black Bean Salad Dessert : Ice Cream A refreshing salad of black beans, fresh corn, as well as other vegetables, garnished with italian herbs Ingredients Used: Black Beans, Corn, Tomatoes, Cucumbers, and Parsely Appetizer: Black Bean Salad, Ingredients used Guests at the Dinner: My MOM :) My Dad :) Side Note: My family is vegetarian, so all the food made today is vegetarian :) A classic Pasta, with a medley of vegetables and an original sauce, sprinkled with italian herbs The appetizer, and main coursed, served in an attractive red dish, that my mom likes very much Vanilla Ice Cream, served with a side of fresh strawberries Vanilla Ice Cream YOU'RE INVITED! To: Aditi's house at:
35 Summerdale Drive on
Sunday, March 26th 2011
At 6:30PM Tomatoes Black Beans (After being Pre Soaked) Fresh Parsley Canadian Corn Mini Cucumbers BLack Beans (BEFOre being soaked Main Course: Pasta Primavera, Ingredients Used Ingredients used: Whole grain pasta, bell peppers, basil, alfredo cheese sauce, tomato sauce, parsley, broccoli, and CHEESE Dessert: Ice Cream, ingredients used Interesting Basil Garlic, Alfredo sauce Fresh, curly Parsley Strained Tomatoes ... Broccoli Tri-Coloured BELL PEPPERS :) Some healthy, whole grain pasta To create this amazingly delicious, treat -there are 3 ingredients. Ice Cream Strawberries Chocolate Appetizer: Black Bean Salad Preperation MAIN cOURSE: pASTA pRIMAVERA PREPERATION Because it's a salad, all that you have to do is chop (or cook) all the vegetables and mix them up. For the black beans, they need to be soaked the night before, then boiled and cooled on ice. Pasta is simple enough to make. Just boil the pasta, make the sauce - using the two ready made sauces, with a variety of herbs, and add the vegetables. Desert: Ice Cream Preperation There is really nothing to say here.
Buy the ice cream, and cut up strawberries which you will serve together MEALTIME Prayer Where we went shopping - this deserves it's own circle OUR PRAYER
Infinite and Divine God
Creator of life on Earth,

Show us how to make a difference in the world, and to help make Earth the way you intended

We ask this in the name of your son Jesus, the prince of peace
Amen Cooking the black beans Presoaking the black beans Boiling the black beans My half finished salad Adding Herbs Corn is done Cooking the frozen corn Cutting up the vegetables - cucumber and tomatoes Corn is done Looking at a bell pepper Pasta's boiling The almost finished product - all that's left are herbs I have no clue why the sauce is pink.
But it smelled good~ Main Course - Pasta Primavera Eating Food happily
(I made a sause without cheese for my dad) Black Bean Salad
Appetizer There aren't that many pictures of the actual meal - because we were all too busy eating Setting the table
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