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intro to Interactive Design

Tony Longson

on 1 January 2015

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Transcript of ART181

This class teaches the principles of Interactive
Design, and Motion Graphics.

There are three practical projects, each of which
introduces new concepts and software paradigms.

Frequent reviews ("crits") of your work will show
your progress and provide feedback for improving your work. It is important for you to contribute to these critical reviews, in which you are expected to articulate your ideas and design decisions clearly, and comment intelligently on the work of your peers.

Emphasis in this class is on creative and original solutions to design problems, understanding the principles behind the software, and in learning technical problem solving.
email: Tony.Longson@calstatela.edu

office hours:
MW 1:30 - 2:00 in FA224
please email to book a time the day before

send images to me for technical or creative responses at any time.
introduction to
interactive design
PROJECT ONE - design and implement a web-based
"dynamic map" of your route from home to your destination on campus (FA225, cafeteria, library, etc.)
Explore ideas on paper.
Gather the content, text, images and movies.
Use Prezi to organize your ideas and content.
PROJECT THREE - design and develop a web page which advertises a tourist destination.
Explore your ideas on paper.
Design a "template" page.
Gather content.
Use Dreamweaver to implement the web site.
PROJECT TWO - storyboard and create a
thirty second TV spot on one of two subjects.
Either a car commercial, or a PSA for "Share the
Use AfterEffects to organize your ideas.
2 removable USB drives
sketchbook and pencils
camera (cell phone okay)
You are required to be professional at all times in your attitude and conduct. You must arrive on time for class and be prepared to work. No food is allowed in class. Cell phones must be turned off. Use of personal music players is not acceptable.

You can expect to spend five to ten hours each week working on projects outside of class time.

Projects must be completed on time. If so, you may continue to refine the project up to the last week, when it may qualify for a better grade. Projects not completed on time will not get a grade.

Grading (based on University Guidelines) is based on your creative and technical solutions to the projects.
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