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DCF Master List 2014-2015

No description

Aidan Sammis

on 12 May 2014

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Transcript of DCF Master List 2014-2015

Master List

An old china doll rules the imaginary
world of Poppy, Zach, and Alice.
Is she really made from the ground-up
bones of a girl who died long ago?
Will she haunt them forever unless they
find the girl's grave and bury it with her?
"Holy bagumba!"

The Ulysses 2000X has
vacuumed up a squirrel.
Flora to the rescue!
Human/squirrel friendship.
Super Squirrel Strength!
Illuminating Adventures:
Nate, a small town boy from PA, has always
wanted to be in a musical on Broadway.
So far he has only played the part
of a vegetable in a school play.
But he is talented.
He knows all the show tunes.
So, why not try out for
E.T. the Musical
in the big city alone, without his parents' knowledge?

An Apache helicopter hangs from the ceiling.
Ninety-one letters lie hidden in a lunchbox.
An 11-year-old boy desperately
awaits the arrival home of
helicopter pilot and letter-writer, dad.
Despite a language barrier
and many cultural differences,
Anikwa and James are good friends.
As the War of 1812 approaches, tensions
between their communities escalate...
And the boys begin to
question their friendship.
Every summer Annie hopes
for three things:
to grow taller,

to meet her father,

and to have an adventure.
They all seem futile since she lives
in a small, boring town and has been
told that her father is dead.
But a breakout from a nearby prison
makes two of these wishes come true.
The "incident" at Ponzini
Julian "Twerp" Twerski:
"How can I write about it?"
9 composition books later...
"What's wrong with me?
God help me, what did I do?"
Join Kyle and his classmates
in an invitation-only lock-in
at his town's coolest new building
Designed by the world's
most famous game maker,
it will be hard to...
A clown and a rascal...
Or an artistic genius...
Decide for yourself:
Atticus Finch, a potted plant,
and words.
These are Sarah Nelson's best friends.
Who else can she turn to when her
father is depressed and drinking, and her mother is in a mental institution?
Maybe this one summer,
things will be different.
Last year, Sam and Morgan
were best friends...
but now Morgan wants
to kick Sam's butt.
How do you go from sharing
the absolutely best day ever
to hating each other's guts?
A young boy named Eel
with secrets of his own
uses his wits and
survival skills
to solve the mystery
of the blue death
But can he stay one step ahead
of the very nasty Fisheye Bill Tyler?
means "good luck" in Japanese.
This year Summer's family has none of it.
With her parents gone, and her
grandparents ailing, who will help out
during the big wheat harvest?
Can Summer make her own luck
and save her family?
Who wants to just wallow
in mud like her brother pigs?
Not Flora!

She is destined for a life of adventure.
Could she be a sled pig, strong and
valuable like the dogs on her owner's farm?
Surely that is why she is included
on the voyage to Antarctica.

Or is it?
A country ravaged by oppression.
A young girl fighting for her place in life.
Is her strength enough
to reach her chosen destiny?
A young boy ripped from
the life he has always known.
An unsupected hero,
disguised as a monster.
A tragic story of hope and triumph.
Elvis Ruby, Superstar gets stage fright
and freezes in front of
millions of people on live TV.
Now he's in hiding to avoid the paparazzi.
Will he ever sing again?
Hallå! Is it not a great day to be alive?
In the quiet town of Never Better,
Jeremy Johnson Johnson's ghost,
Jacob Grimm, is keeping watch.
Green smoke and
Recipe for danger?
The stories of three women...
who made amazing contributions...
to the study of...
Tiny Mouse Minor
runs away from school...
to seek answers to very big questions...
from Queen Victoria before
her diamond jubilee.
Find out who is:
In 1887
Jack Evans was sent to prison.
He was 10 years old.
This is his story.
A genius who is doubly orphaned when
her adoptive parents die in a car crash...
has an obsession with plants,
medical things,
and counting by sevens.
This is the story of how she creates
a circle of friends and forms a family.
A group of brave men...
who wanted to serve their country...
even though their country...
didn't seem to want them:
an albino boy living in Tanzania
Hunted like an animal
for his "magical" body parts
Escape to Dar Es Salaam
Safety or capture?
Relive the shocking day
when America lost its
young and charismatic leader
President John F. Kennedy
When her sister disappears...
and the town sheriff
comes home with a body...
Georgie sets off on a dangerous journey
to discover the truth.
At the annual Bunning Day parade,
Ruby Pepperdine spends the entire day
standing in a circle,
waiting to read her Bunning Day Essay,
and hoping to find closure
after her grandmother's death.
Princess Imogene thought she had problems when her mother just wanted her to be better behaved and read
The Art of Being a Princess
But now she has kissed a frog,
which made
into a frog!

What to do?
Make someone else a frog by kissing him?
Remain a frog forever?
Problems, problems.
An eleven-year-old boy
in segregated Memphis, Tennessee
takes over his best friend's
paper route for the summer
and has to work through his extreme stutter
as he interacts with people he meets along the route.
One Crazy Summer
the Gaither sisters are back in Brooklyn
where changes large and small
come to their household
as they grow up during the turbulent 1960s.
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