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University Budget Training 101

No description

Megan Clipse

on 9 June 2014

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Transcript of University Budget Training 101

University Budget Training 101
What is a FOAPAL?
Index Code
Why use an Index Code?
The index code is a unique identifier that will eliminate any fund/org. mix-ups.
Understanding the Color of Money at FGCU
Funding Types:
General Revenue
Educational Enhancement (Lottery)
Incidental Revenue (Tuition)
Local Funds
Activity & Service
Financial Aid
Grants & SRP
Every Cost Center or Funding Source has a FOAPAL
(F)und Code
Type of funds
(O)rganization Code
Department that the funds belong to
(A)ccount Code
The type of cost associated
(P)rogram Code
Two digit code for the type of activity
(A)ctivity and (L)ocation Code
We do not use these, do not worry about either
Unique combinations generate your cost center
Used to budget and record expenditures
Very flexible accounting structure
Account Pool Codes:
6100 Salaries
6200 Temporary Employment (OPS)
6300 Employer Contributions (Benefits)
7300 Other Operating Expenses
7300C Chargebacks
7300T Travel
7500 Capital Expenditures
For a complete account code listing:
10001 = General Revenues
12XXX = Activity & Service
17XXX = Athletics
14XXX, 15XXX, or 16XXX = Auxiliary
2XXXX = Grants & Sponsored Research
The INDEX code is the unique identifier for a unique Fund and Org. Code combination

Maintain Departmental Balances

Document Submission

Expenditure Reporting

Annual Budget Submissions

Designated Contact for Budget Matters

Navigating and interpreting the University's online financial systems.
Budget Manager Responsibilities
Resources for Becoming the Best Budgeteer
Banner Finance
Gulfline Finance
Budget Expenditure
Familiar Forms
Budget Transfer Request
Rate Amendment Request
Budget Office Website - Your Primary Resource
Links to all the forms
Important Deadlines & Announcements
Training Sessions
Budget Training Materials
Budget Definitions & Terms
Account Code List
Online Budget Transfers Guide
Budget Expenditure Reports
Contact Information
Resources for Becoming the Best Budgeteer
Banner Finance
Gulfline Finance
Budget Expenditure
Next Step: Understanding the System
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