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MGD 422: Presentation

Presentation on 37 Signals

Timur Khamitov

on 11 February 2011

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Transcript of MGD 422: Presentation

History 1999: Founded. Chicago. 2001: Signal vs. Noise Launched 2004: Basecamp released. 2005: Backpack is launched. 2006: "Getting Real" Published. 2007: Highrise launched. 90,000 reads/day on blog. 2008: 37 Signals "Live". 2009: Basecamp is 5 years old. 3M Users. 2010: Rework Published. 37 Signals Culture "We built a compay that
we'd want to do business with.
We hope you do too." "Meet the leadership team". "Here's everything we offer, soup to nuts". 1. Useful
2. Great service
3. Clarity
4. Customer= investors
5. Basics = beautiful
6. No Hidden Fees
7. Software should be easy
8. Long term contracts = obscene Fundamentally different philosophy on Business, not just software How do they manage innovation? No investors/shareholders. Open source:
Ruby on Rails
Code Repository Publishing books Combining progressive thinking in:
Software = SaaS + Cloud
Business = Offices are unproductive
Web Culture Building a community Thoughts? Thank you. Timur Khamitov
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