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Film Reviews: How do trailers attract an audience?

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Heather Falconer

on 14 October 2012

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Transcript of Film Reviews: How do trailers attract an audience?

Film Reviews : How Do Trailers Attract Audiences? First of all:
Harry Potter
and the Deathly Hallows Next up:
The Muppets Next:
Hotel Transylvania By Heather Falconer The film is mainly aimed at a teenage audience so the eery music and suspention draws their attention to the film. The short,snappy clips of the film encourages the audience to believe that the film is an action packed film that they will want to see because teenagers want a film that gets them excited. The trailer is effective because it empahsises on the fact that it is the last in a series and that all the other films have been leading up to this point. The audience for 'The Muppets' is mainly children and teenagers. The trailer attracts a younger audience because of the jokes placed in the middle of the clips of the film. Children enjoy funny films so having jokes throughout trailer urges the viewers to keep on watching the trailer which will lead to them wanting to either buy or go to watch the film. The trailer is effective because it includes different characters which are not in the previous films. This makes the viewer curious about them, which therefore, leads to them watching the film. The target audience of this film is (again) children and teenagers. The humerous jokes embedded in the trailer creates it's appeal to children. The trailer is effective because it gives the creepy, halloween atmostsphere which the film is about despite showing that the film is aimed at a younger audience due to the jokes and the way it is structured. Finally:
The Hunger Games The target audience for 'The Hunger Games' is teenagers and young adults. The trailer attracts to this audience by playing suspence-bringing music in the background of the short snippets of the film. By adding in brief clips of the film you can recieve a broader background on the film which makes viewers more incline to watch. It is effective because it links with the books so people who have read the books and enjoyed them, are more likely to watch the film with a positive attitude. In conclusion, I think that film trailers,like the ones above, should reflect the atmosphere of the film without giving too much of the story line away. This is why I think the trailers I have picked are effective.
I have also discovered that trailers usually use the same structure of using brief clips of the film to
create the story. In Conclusion... Thank You
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