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Richard Chase - Serial Killer

No description

Elizabeth Allard

on 28 May 2013

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Transcript of Richard Chase - Serial Killer

photo credit Nasa / Goddard Space Flight Center / Reto Stöckli "The Vampire of Sacramento" The World of Richard Trenton Chase What kind of killer was he? - Chase was an Act Focused serial killer
-He killed quickly, often using a gun DSM IV- TR AXIS 1 Basic Information - Richard Chase was a serial killer from Sacramento California

- He was called "The Vampire of Sacramento" because he would eat his victims and drink their blood as he had done with animals in the past

- He had hypochondria, a disorder where he thought he had many serious illnesses

- He was eventually caught and he committed suicide in jail in 1980 VIDEO TIME! 9:30 talks about murders Childhood Behavioral Factors Psychological Phases Childhood Behavioral Factors Continued Crimes and Victimology - Bed wetting - Chase wet his bed well past the normal age as do 60 percent of serial killers

-He also enjoyed starting fires as a child and teen, possibly leading to his violence - As a teen, Chase developed hypochondria which impacted him for the rest of his life
-This led him to most of his killing of animals and humans

- He also developed erectile dysfunction possibly leading to frustration and then necrophilia in the future

- As a teen Chase also started drinking, smoking marijuana, and taking LSD. This contributed to his addiction later in life and lack of judgement - Richard Chase was a disorganized killer who killed his victims based on opportunity.
- His first kill was a drive by shooting of a 51 year old man who was getting out of his car
-His next kill was when he killed a woman in her home
-His last four kills were all at once when he killed a six-year-old boy, his mother, the mother's nephew, and one of their family friends
- He practiced cannibalism and necrophilia with their corpses after viciously killing them and stabbing most multiple times Crimes and Victimology Continued - The only trophies involved were the victim's organs and blood that he ate

- Chase did, however, take the body of one child back to his apartment where he disposed of it later

- As a Gain killer, Chase does not need trophies other than what he was killing for. Act Focused Guns Kill Quickly
Used knives but
not to draw out
the process Didn't dwell
on the killing Real motive was
the end
(flesh to eat) Gain Killer -He was a Gain killer with hypochondria and Paranoid Schizophrenia

-He Killed to get the blood and organs of his victims

-He believed that he was killing and drinking blood to "prevent his heart from shrinking"

- He thought that he had to kill in order to stay alive and healthy

- By killing and eating animal and human flesh, he would prevent the illnesses that he believed were going to kill him Animal Cruelty - Animal Cruelty - as a child and well into adulthood, Chase would kill and eat animals rather brutally to "cure" himself of imagined sickness

- As an adult, this developed into a need for killing humans Axis one deals with clinical syndromes

Paranoid Schizophrenia - Chase was afraid all the time whether it was because of an imagined illness or because he thought the Nazi's were pinning murders on him. He was constantly worried about being made to kill

Hypochondria - paranoid about illnesses.

These two tied together are a bad combination AXIS 2 Axis two deals with developmental and personality disorders

Antisocial Personality Disorder - Chase was not bothered by the fact that he was killing animals as a child or humans as an adult
- Kids without this usually grow out of sadistic tendencies but children with it do not AXIS 4 Axis 4 deals with environmental stressors

- Chase claimed he lived in an abusive household but there is no evidence to support this
- If this was true, it could explain his behavior

- When Chase moved out of his house into an apartment, his friends eventually moved out
-This rejection could have been a major stressor as it gave him the leeway he needed to start killing animals more often AXIS 5 Axis 5 deals with overall wellness and level of functioning

- Chase has great difficulty functioning in normal society. Because of his disorders he needs treatment to prevent the stress they cause on him

- He had been rejected by his friends because of his inability to act in a socially acceptable way

- Because of his urges to kill and eat flesh, he cannot function in society Aura Phase Trolling Phase Wooing Phase Capture Phase This phase occurred when Chase was left alone in his apartment. He was free to enter his own reality of fear and violence He did not have a trolling phase because his victims were ones of opportunity and not of prior planning Chase never won the confidence of his victims because he just intruded and killed Chase would go in his victim's houses to kill them and give the killing strikes while they were paralyzed with fear Murder Phase Totem Phase Depression Phase Chase made his victims feel helpless possibly as he did as a child when wetting his bed and fearing for his life Chase took the organs of his victims from the scene with the possible underlying motive of reliving his kills He realizes he was not cured and must kill again AXIS 3 Axis 3 deals with physical conditions that could cause psychological problems

- Chase developed erectile dysfunction as a teen leaving him unable to identify with his peers' sexuality. This tension could have caused him to seek release another way as the state of the victims revealed necrophillia
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