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Dr. Cathy Collins Block

No description

Rene Guillory

on 10 January 2014

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Transcript of Dr. Cathy Collins Block

Dr. Cathy Collins Block
Dr. Cathy Collins Block Bio
Collin's Research
Programs Dr. Collins Block Developed
Programs Dr. Collins Block Developed (Cont.)
The second program, Word Forward, (Collins-Block & Mangleri, Word Forward, 2014) focuses on carefully selecting vocabulary strategies that allows teachers to model expert reading. The objective is for students to learn how to...
Use context clues
Analyze words and their parts
Focus on content area words
Learn words and their histories

Contemporary Reading Researcher
Constance Guillory
Concordia University

Dr. Cathy Collins Block is a professor in the Department of Curriculum and Instruction at Texas Christian University in Fort Worth, Texas. She has directed seven nationally funded research studies for literacy development, and currently serves as co-director of the National Consortium of Best Research-based Practices in Comprehension Instruction. (Stable Nobel Learning, 2014) She has been elementary school teacher in three states, Wisconsin, Oklahoma, and Texas. Dr. Block currently serves as Chairperson of the Education Leadership Board for IBM, Chairperson for the National Commission to Infuse Critical Thinking into the Curriculum of the US Department of Education, and as an Educational Advisor for Walt Disney, Inc. She serves on the Board of Directors for the International Reading Association (2002-2005) and Nobel Learning Communities (1995-present). She is on the Editorial Boards of the Reading Research Quarterly, National Reading Conference Yearbook, Journal of Educational Psychology, and the Reading Teacher. (Stable Nobel Learning, 2014) She is also the Educational Advisor of the PBS television series Wishbone, Guliford Press, and has served as consultant for more than 200 school districts and education agencies in the United States, Mexico, Canada, Germany, Russia, and Hungary. (Stable Nobel Learning, 2014)
Dr. Cathy's Contributions
Dr. Collins has made it her life's mission...
To improve the quality of reading instruction through innovative practices of effective powerful vocabulary instruction. (Scholastic, 2014)
Practice "what you teach" educators. She believes that, "Life affords no greater responsibility, or greater privilege, than the raising of the next generation. (Texas Christian University, 2014)
By understanding "Generation Y" students and their digital learning, we as educators can teach differently (Texas Christian University, 2014)
Within her 29 detailed research based practices, she has discovered how learners need effective vocabulary instruction to be successful in reading. She has worked exclusively as member on the board of Scholastic Books in selecting books carefully to teach specific vocabulary strategies, by exposing students to a variety of genres and titles. (Scholastic, 2014) Her primary research interests are in the fields of literary achievement, comprehension, cognitive strategies, curriculum development, and teacher education. She has developed two powerful programs; proving that by exposing students to learn thousands of the new words they encounter in books, on tests, and in daily lives.
In her development of these programs, she collaborated with Dr. Mangieri. These two programs, used on this own or tandem, provide students with specific word-learning strategies. (Scholastic Research & Results Incorporated, 2006)

In Powerful Vocabulary for Reading Success, (Collins-Block & Mangieri, 2003) this systematic, teacher-directed approach to improving students’ reading achievement in just fifteen minutes. First, students are taught specific word-learning strategies through teacher modeling and repeated practice. Second, they need to learn high-utility words through engaging tasks, repetition, and multiple exposures. Finally, students need to be presented with a variety of multimodal vocabulary-building activities. (Scholastic Research & Results Incorporated, 2006)
Contributions to Common Core Standards
& Dr. Cathy Collins Block
Her research of educating teachers to "practice what they teach," has give the opportunity to partner with the Common Core Standards in developing tools to assist English Language Learners in the enhancing their vocabulary as native speakers.
Take a look at this freebie for ELL Learners!
Prestigious Awards
Paul A. Witty Award for Meritous Service from International Reading Association
TCU School of Education award for Distinguished Research and Creative Activity in 1987 and 1999
Outstanding Professor Award from the University of Notre Dame's Master of Education Program in 2000
Member of Who's Who in the World
Who's Who in America
200 Outstanding Scholars in 21st Century
Who's Who Among America's Teachers
Dr. Cathy Collins Block the Writer
Dr. Collins Block has written more then 75 research articles in journals and edited or co-edited 29 books.
Summary of Dr. Cathy Collins Block
Dr. Cathy Collins Block truly is an innovator of vocabulary and literacy instruction. She was one of the first to understand how important vocabulary instruction is to all learners. In reviewing her research, it allowed me check my own vocabulary instruction and give heed to her infamous phrase, practice "what you teach." Within my own classroom, I teach vocabulary explicitly and it rewarding to know that I am heeding to her model of gradual release in teaching.

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Check out this video on her and other educator thoughts on reading instruction.
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