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The Bite Of The Mango: Chapter 9

No description

Jessica Miller

on 24 October 2014

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Transcript of The Bite Of The Mango: Chapter 9

The Bite Of The Mango: Chapter 9
Character Notes
Mariatu is learning new ways of coping with how bad her life has become; "Love has a way of being infectious. Watching them, I forgot about my problems for a minute."
Mariatu doesn't forgive Marie for not believing her about how bad Salieu really was. "If only I had paid more attention. Mariatu will you ever forgive me? I wiped away Marie's tears with my bulky bandages. Abibatu says we're moving to a nice new home, I consoled her."
Mariatu wants her old life back and is noticing that happiness is a hot commodity in her new life now. "I wanted to celebrate her marriage for days, weeks if i could, like we did when couples wed back at Magaborou. But i guess that's what happens during a war: occasions that make people feel happy aren't as frequent."
The theme of this chapter is "enjoying the little things". Some things that help prove this include, Mohamed's uncle Abdul coming to the hospital safely, Ya Marie and Pa Alie getting escorted to the hospital by aid of Abdul, Mariatu and her family moving to the refugee camp, Fatima and Abdul falling in love, Fatima going through her "Bondo" initiation and Fatima and Abdul getting married.
Literary Devices
"Abdul and Fatima were falling in love". This literary device is personification, this is because you do not literally fall over when you start to fall in love with someone.
"Their faces radiant with happiness,..." This literary device is also personification, this is because their faces weren't actually projecting light.
The amputee camp was a lot different than Mariatu had expected. What do you think she expected? Why?
Do you think it makes sense for Mariatu to "enjoy the little things" during a time of war? Why or why not?
Do you think Mariatu should forgive Marie for not believing her about Salieu?
How different are Mariatu's daily struggles at the amputee camp than your everyday struggles?
Why do you think the writer chose to include the actual letter in the story, rather than just explaining the letter?
Mohamed's uncle Abdul arrives at the hospital.
Mariatu's aunt and uncle Ya Marie and Pa Alie were brought to the hospital by Abdul. Money was raised for him to go and find them in freetown.
Mariatu and her family move from the hospital to a camp set up for people injured during the war in Aberdeen.
A letter supposedly written by a rebel, appears at the amputee camp.
Fatima gets initiated with a "Bondo" ceremony and Mariatu has a flashback to when she was initiated.
Fatima and Abdul get married.
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