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No description

Alex Say

on 2 February 2015

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Transcript of MY ART CLASSROOM

Rule 1
Once you've entered the workspace a positive attitude is necessary.
Rule 2
Respect yourself, respect your peers, respect the materials!
Rule 3
Always keep your spot clean!
Rule 4
Be respectful of your classmates work, negative critique without adding something constructive will not be allowed.

Rule 5
When working on a project always utilize the material properly and keep your mark-making limited only to the surface you're working on and not your classmate's.
Rule 6
Absolutely no form of harassment towards your classmate's will be tolerated.
Rule 7
The art classroom is a space where everyone should feel comfortable to explore.
Rule 8
Always come prepared to work!
Rule 9
Always be willing to try new things!
Critique Etiquette
Always be attentive!!!!!
Critique Etiquette
Always use the proper vocabulary when discussing your peer's work.
Critique Etiquette
Critique the work not the artist!!!!!!
BY: Alex Say
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