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what is a enigma?

No description

melissa reese

on 14 May 2014

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Transcript of what is a enigma?

I think that aliens are the ones that made the pyramids. I think aliens made the pyramids so we would know they exist. Nobody knows who built the pyramids, but it definitely wasn't this guy.
The pyramids will be standing for 1,000,000,000 more years. I picked the pyramids because of the alien theory. The great pyramid was the tallest structure until the Eiffel tower was built. It is taller than the Statue of Liberty! The great pyramid is a amazing structure. All the pyramids were raided at least once.
First Pyramid- Step Pyramid
theory 1- Alien landing site
A enigma is usually a unsolved puzzle, that will stay a mystery for a long time. The pyramids are an example of a enigma.
what is a enigma?
These people are the people who could've
built the pyramids
theory 2- Worship purposes

Mastabas were before the pyramids. They were cubes and were used to bury princes. Then they transformed into the pyramid shape we see today. The step pyramid was the first pyramid shape with steps on the outside and then after that they were build with a smooth surface. Two of the theories of why the pyramids were built were to worship leaders or to be built to let us know that there were aliens in the universe.
History of pyramids
The pyramids
the pyramids
maybe this guy.
Resources used:
Stop Motion credit: Devan Turner and Mrs. Reese
Pyramids of Egypt
by: Cynthia Kennedy Henzel.

Process of Building a Pyramid
Any Questions?
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