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No description

Victor Chan

on 28 May 2013

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Transcript of ENTCRE Slides

Many public facilities lack accessibility for the disabled

Several existing organizations offering similar services Radiah Izzah Victor HongPing SiHua ENTCRE Presentation Center for Character Learning
& Development Target Market Secondary Schools (161)
Junior Colleges (23) Our Vision A world where people with disabilities can seek fair employment, to be self-sufficient and inclusive within the society. Our Objectives Provide our consumers the opportunity to be in the shoes of the physically disabled
Promote character learning and development, with a fun and refreshing experience
Provide job opportunities for our beneficiaries
Easily available customers

Consistent flow of consumers (Sustainability)

High importance for character learning and development Trend Analysis Mechanics Location: Mobile
Operating Hours: 11am - 5pm
Session Duration: 2Hrs 15mins Service Process Orientation
(10 mins) Slalom
(30 mins) Break
(10mins) Slalom
(30 mins) WheelchairBasketball
(30 mins) Break
(10mins) Sharing & Reflection
(30 mins) Breakeven Analysis B/E Point (units) =
Total Fixed Costs /
(Unit Selling Price - Unit Variable Cost)

$6825 / ($25 - $0)
= 273 Students / Month Our Target Establish a partnership with schools to ensure:
2 Sessions / Day
40 Students / Session
Charged at $25 / Student Return-on-Investment (ROI) Start Up Capital Projected Monthly Expenses (3 Months) = $20625
Projected Start Up Costs
= $91950

Total Start Up Capital =
$20625 + $91950
= $112575 Research have shown that extracurricular activities appeal to students' interest

Increasing action to cultivate empathy among youths by schools Trend Analysis Market Analysis Why? Benefits (Consumers) Benefits (Beneficiaries) Features Wheelchair
Basketball Slalom
(Obstacle Course) Employment opportunities

Gain self-confidence

Uphold dignity ROI = (Gain in Investment - Cost of Investment) / Cost of Investment

($127620 - $100000) / $100000
= 27.6% Wheelchair
(30 mins) Mission Statement Lubric aims to provide recreational sports and activities that promote character learning and development, to raise awareness of the relative issues faced by the physically disabled in our community, at the same time facilitate inclusion by helping them integrate into society with employment opportunities Start Up Cost Item Cost

Inventory -
Fixtures and Equipment $80000
Building and Renovation -
Deposits and Licenses $300
Prepaid Expenses $10000
Advertising $1650
Cash on Hand -
Other -

Total Paid Only Once Expense $91950 Operating Expense Item Monthly Yearly

Utilities - -
Payroll $4400 $52800
Insurance $75 $900
Rent/Lease - -
Transportation $1750 $21000
Maintenance $500 $6000
Legal and Accounting Fees - -
Office Supplies $150 $1800
Miscellaneous - -

Total Expense $6875 $82500 Ability to empathize

Receptive towards differences

Character learning and development

Become a better person; society Thank You
Any Questions? Timeline Implementation Review our Business Plan 1st - 3rd Feb 15th Feb Plan our Campaign and Marketing Finalize our Target Audience 4th - 14th Feb Prepare our Product Kit and send invites to target audience through social media platforms and email 16th - 23rd Feb Send emails, updates to guest on our campaign date 11th March Campaign Date 15th March 2002 2012 2007 Reading
Test Listening
Test Final
Interview Start of Training End of Training During Training PHP500
Commitment Fee PHP16,000 in
8 month installments Reading Test
Listening Test
Final Interview Student Selection Free Transportation
Free Stationery
Free Course Materials Barangays Call Center Partners NGOs (Gawad Kalinga, NWTF) Colleges & Highschools
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