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pls like a lot show people

Phil ansorge

on 20 February 2016

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Transcript of conflict

what would happen in the middle of a conflict
Some people might not play and play something else. It might end up as a fight and then lots of people will get hurt
How could it be solved
One way to solve the conflict is that the game is band to play that means no one can play tag for the day.
How to solve the conflict
How the conflict was resolved
The teacher make with the class mail rules that can not be broken if the are broken he shall not play. it can be also be resolved by making new rules to help the people who do not enjoy it.

what would start a conflict?
There are lots of reasons why a conflict.
would start first lets go to the basics
By Phil and William
One way to begin a conflict is to fight over something.
This may be to play something or having an object. These conflicts can be solved by fighting but think how you would feel?
Do you have a questions?
Thanks for waching
hope you enjoy.
The first one is mediation resolving the argument by using mediation is basicially talking to each other and finding the best way to solve the conflict.
What are the four ways
to solve conflict
We found out that your conflict was when you were playing tag.So we tried solving it for. you can tell us what you found the best.
Negotiation is another way of solving a conflict by talking with each other to solve it instead of fighting.
Force is another way of solving a conflict
by fighting and having a war until one side gets what they want but I do not think it is the best to solve a argument or conflict over something.
The last way of solving a conflict is using arbitration by getting a person like the teacher then explain what happen from both sides and then the teacher decides what to do.

But force is not the very best way of solving it.

You change the rules so the tager was it for the whole time and it was unfair for the tager.
Now that we have explained the four
ways of conflict now we want you to think the best way to solve your conflict and what way would you would use most of the time.
What started the argument
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