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Lenguaje corporal

lenguaje corporal

Patricia Up

on 11 June 2013

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Transcript of Lenguaje corporal

El corporal 2 Health 3 Great moments in the company of your Friends A year full of Achieve all your 4 Dreams 5 you need for living Money Get the 6 reign in your life Peace Shall Shall 7 8 you really enjoy Job Find a shine within your Self Happiness 9 Freedom Enjoy your 10 Adventures Make it a year full of Now you can copy this Prezi
and create your wish list for those you love Make it as long as you need + + You can copy and paste this layer and crop it if you want it shorter Change the texts and make your own wish list Write here your Wish Decorate with these original drawings or use your own Illustrate with your own pictures or videos Add numbers and lines
to make it flow Learn how can you edit this Prezi by www.Presentaciones.biz 1- Make a copy of this Prezi
2- Enter edit Mode Place texts along the paper 9 Dear aunt Annie,
I wish you a very happy It's easy to use this animation Shift+click+drag around the whole block to
copy it and move it Just change the text above the animation 1 2 This is a free template from http://www.presentaciones.biz http://www.prezintations.com 1 Learn how, click next You can use these 3 objects to create your layout The creative Presentation Agency and Prezi Experts len guaje y el Servicio al Cliente Tus movimientos te delatan. de contacto 90 !Cuidado! ¿Sabías que el
de la opinión.... segundos
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