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Rockcastle AP unit 3 student teaching

No description

Rae Hartley

on 16 November 2012

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Transcript of Rockcastle AP unit 3 student teaching

DBQ's- how to analyze Primary Sources Hanseatic League Spread of Turkic languages Ibn Battuta (Page 363) Where did he travel?
What made him different from other explorers?
Why did he observe certain things over others?
How did his perceptions shape the way he viewed things? Diasporic communities • Muslim merchant communities in the Indian Ocean region
• Chinese merchant communities in Southeast Asia
• Sogdian merchant communities throughout Central Asia
-Jewish communities in the Mediterranean,Indian Ocean basin, or along the Silk Roads -Bias
-What do YOU think about it- not what the textbook thinks about it. Is it valid? Is it a good example of the views of the time?
-Analyze, Analyze, Analyze!!! AP- Unit 3
Coins Phase 1: Caliphs and Umayyads (610-750) Caliph = prophet/Leader Umayyad= whole Muslim community Phase 2: The Abbasids (750-1258) Phase 3: Fall of the Abbasids and rise of the Seljuks and Ottomans (950-1450) Methods of Currency Huili (357) Xuanzang (358)
Polo (360) Battuta (363)
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