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Uses and Production Process

Unit 17, Task 1B&C

Tom Nicholson

on 23 September 2012

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Transcript of Uses and Production Process

Uses and production process
Unit 17 Task 1B&C Thomas Nicholson The definition of conceptualisation is that it is the process of coming up with a new idea.
This stage is where the developer decides what they are going to do design and create. Conceptualisation is designing of a concept which can then be developed into an idea. Once a concept has been decided on and then the initial idea has been made the planning of how the design can be created will take place.
Planning can be carried out in many different way and also the process of coming up with a new idea such as; blue skies thinking which is used when coming up with new ideas as any idea is welcome, six thinking hats is where 6 roles are played in deciding whether an idea would work as the different roles are for, against, etc. When in the planning process there are many ways that this can be carried out; such as making a presentation which can be delivered to other members involved in the process, or creating a spider diagram or list which are both very effective as they can be added to and improved as the design is made and created. Conceptualisation & Planning This is typically where a drawing would be made by the designer ready for creating the product, this can be done in many different ways and using different software. Some designers choose to just draw potential designs on paper using pencil whereas the modern way is to use computer software which can offer many different features and functions. These can be things such as 2D design and 3D design which can be very helpful when the design goes to creation, as software can have many other features such as being able to add the measurements and add the scale to which the design is to.
When designing a product it needs to be taken into account the brief that was set and also the target audience as the product has to be appropriate. Example: a toy for babies/ young children shouldn’t contain small parts as the child could swallow them. Design This is where the design has been finalised and agreed on by the owners of the product. the design is sent off to an appropriate workshop for a prototype to be made this is where the first physical products are made for the design and quality to be looked at these are for the purpose of testing and will not be put on sale to the public.
If this is applied to an interactive media product then all the graphics, audio and visual that has been gathered will be put together to make the actual interactive media product or where any other product would be made and would then have to be tried and tested. Creation This is where the created product is given to people to try, this is an essential part of bringing a product to market as any problems can be found and rectified before the product is finalised and sent off to testing. Implementation This is a very important stage in bringing a product into the public domain; this is because different countries have different laws regarding testing and certain things a product must achieve in order to be sold. The E.U has strict rules on products having different testing carried out such as electrical products have to go through vigorous testing as so they don’t give out electrical shocks to consumers. There are many different marks which can be given to products to prove they have been through the appropriate testing so that the consumer knows that the product is safe across Europe the CE mark can be commonly found along with the kite mark.
Small problems can be found at this stage but can normally be easily sorted out before the product is sent to market. Testing This is the last stage in the designing and creating of product(s), where the developers reflect on what they designed and created and look to how they can make it better and improve it. Also critics will review the product and deliver their individual opinions on good and bad points of the product.
This is an important stage if the creators are planning on creating other similar products or if it’s an interactive media product then they can evaluate and anything that was missed can be added on potential updates for the software. Review & Evaluation Interactive media products are often used for marketing, promotion and advertising, this is because of their interactivity which makes the user feel more a part of it making them remember it easier, which is good because this can generate more popularity and benefit the business producing the product/ interactive media.
Advertisements can be found through other sites which have a link onto the owner’s website for the interactive media. Marketing, Promotion & Advertising Interactive media products can often be found being used for education as they can be a good source of learning as pupils will be more a part of it if it has lots of interactivity.
The interactive media software is easy to install on personal machines as it can be in many forms such as CD. Education, training & assessment There are lots of forms of interactive media about which consumers have available to them. The amount of this content has recently greatly increased due to the boom in people owning devices which can run apps such as IOS devices, Android, Black Berry and others.
Due to more of these portable app enabled devices demand for different apps with a variety of features; including social interaction, video, audio and others. Entertainment Interactive media can come in many different forms; such as formats which can be used for gaming, there are many apps on the different gaming platforms available to customers. Downloads of mobile apps have greatly increased over recent years which means developers spend a lot of time trying to get into this market. Mobile applications can use a variety of methods to make the application as interactive as possible. Motion sensor aiding is often used and developers are currently working on 3D capabilities.
Below is Angry Birds which has had great success on the mobile application markets and is thought to have had over 1 billion downloads! Games, Virtual Reality & Simulation There are many apps which can present different types of information, which can be sourced from different websites such as a dictionary app which may be found on a mobile app store. A dictionary app would link to the internet but more precisely one particular web page which will provide the information for the application.
There are also many journalistic apps available to customers which can be a mobile version of a newspaper or magazine also such things as the BBC news which also has a website for desktop viewing. Journalism & Information Beginning
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