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Roly-Poly Environmental Lab

No description

Jay Patel

on 5 September 2012

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Transcript of Roly-Poly Environmental Lab

Problem #1 Problem #2 PROBLEM
STATEMENTS What is a Rolly-Polly's best environment? What type of food does a Rolly-Polly prefer? We did two experiments to see what environments the rolly-polly prefers. The dependent variable of our experiment was how many rolly-polly we had and what happen to them. Our independent variable was our environment and time. We had two experiments one was Wet vs Dry environment and the other one was Potato vs Apple. For the Wet vs Dry experiment we set it up by putting the 10 rolly-polly in the middle and we timed them for every minute to see where they ended up. For the Apple vs Potato experiment we set it up by putting the 10 rolly-polly in the middle and we timed them for every minute to see which food they preferred. PROCEDURE During the first experiment, we were testing if a rolly-polly would choose a moist water-filled environment or a dry one. We thought that if given these circumstances, the dry environment would be chosen over the moist one by any given rolly-polly. Immediately after the test began, the bugs separated 10 bugs in the dry side and 0 in the wet side after 2 minutes. As the experiment ran on, however, the bugs in each side of the choice chamber began to even out with the experiment ending 7 rolly-pollys in the dry environment and 3 in the wet. The bugs only dipped to 5 on the dry side and 5 on the wet at the 4 minute mark of the experiment, which shows that rolly-pollys do prefer a dryer climate and proves our hypothesis as well. Analysis #1 The second experiment was to determine if a rolly-polly would pick a potato or an apple if given two options. We hypothesized that because a potato seemed dryer by nature, it would be chosen over the apple. As the experiment began, the bugs quickly split to 8 in the potato side and only 2 with the apples at the 1 minute mark but then evened out to 5 and 5 only a minute later. After this the side with the potato consistently had more rolly-pollys for the duration of the experiment. This data proves our hypothesis that rolly-pollys would choose the potato over the apple. Analysis #2 Analysis What Now? Further Questions HYPOTHESIS If rolly-pollys are given two different environments, one being dry and one being wet, then the rolly-pollys will choose the environment that is dry. If rolly-pollys are given the choice between a potato or an apple, then they will choose the potato as it is dry by nature. Further Experimentation When does an environment become to saturated?
what is the ideal temperature for a Rolly-Polly's habitat?
Do Rolly-Pollys prefer a light or dark environment?
Is a dirt/muddy environment or a vegetational environment more appealing to a Rolly-Polly? Different foods
Light V.S. Dark
Heat V.S. Cold
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