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Levi's for Seniors

The Assignment was to prepare a Brief FROM Levi's TO their Advertising Agency requesting Advertising support to move excess stock to a seniors market.

Susan Parker

on 14 April 2010

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Transcript of Levi's for Seniors

LEVI'S - the communication brief Who We Are
a) Levi's - the Brand
b) the Brand values
c) the problem (Mkt Dev Concept) What We Need Our Adv Agency's Expertise to Help us With.
a) Dramatise our Proposition through Creative Expertise
b) recommend Media Plan
Based upon the Guidance given in this Brief.
In a specific time frame/budget. Who is the Target Market(s) for this
GIVEN - Seniors
SO - why/what info can you add that
clearly defines the prospects in this
and brings them to life relevant to
the product.
a) detail BRAND VALUES of Levis
b) Draw Connection with PRODUCT
c) Create Insight with AUDIENCE
What will be the position strategy.
Draw Conclusions:
a) what will motivate TA
b) what will they need to hear from us
c) how will they need to hear/see it
d) where will they need to hear see/it
e) when will they need to hear/see it
f) How/when/where will they buy A) UBP B) Compelling Uniqueness
C) Tone, Style, SFX. Emotions to connect with D) Media consumption - relevant to product purchase patterns E) Media Consumption AND Consumer Buying Behviour, relevant to product. Expectations of Agency
a) Dramatisation - measure (FOCUS)
b) Recommend role models
b) Media Plan - measures of effectiveness and efficiency
c) Approval Process
d) Timeframe
c) Budget (in this case "Within Budget" would be sufficient.) Measure of Advertising Effectivenss
a) Sales increase - reports from retailers
b) Sales to Seniors increase - retailers to survey age of buyers
DURING and AFTER campaign period (timeframe) Research
1. Mktg and Adv Journals - market segment studies;
media consumption studies.
2. Own surveys - of TARGET MARKET
3. Levy and Jeans retailers - current preference in jeans/brand
in this TA.
a) What styles/types of jeans is the TA currently wearing/buying
b) Alternatives that are competitive
SO - The Answer.... 1. Levi Brand Values
Genuine quality
Made to last
Cultural icon
Associated with iconic times of 50s, 60s and 70s F) Consideration of others advertising
needs in the Behavioural Timeline. 2. Target Audience Values
Among much else available:
1. Seek quality and durability
2. Fashion conscious but no FADdish
3. Were wearing LEVI"s in the 50s, 60s and 70s
4. were part of the cultural changes of those times and still relevant
3. UBP
Levis were our generations' "uniform" I'm still young enough to wear them, look good and feel great. I REMEMBER Look Who's Wearing Levis This was not a brand
or re-brand exercise
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