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The Outsiders

No description

Colin C.

on 22 January 2014

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Transcript of The Outsiders

The Outsiders
- The Greasers and the Soc have been rivals for a long time
- the Soc are always jumping greasers
- They had finally had enough
In conclusion this book was amazing and kept us at the edge of our seats. This would be a great book for any teenagers or anyone who wants a good read. S.E Hinton did an incredible job with this novel, and made one of the m
Metaphors, Similes, and Alliterations
Metaphors: My stomach gave a violent jump, my blood turned icy.

A town is split in half by a strong rivalry. In the heart of Tulsa, Oklahoma the Greasers, on the east side, and the Soc, on the west side are in a longtime battle because of simple hatred. The soc are preppy jerks, with nice cars, and bad attitudes. The greasers are hardened, poor and are considered "hoods".

Ponyboy: Ponyboy is the main character.
He is shy and smart and not like the other greasers.
Darry: He's the leader of the group and he's very intimidating.
Soda: Soda is fun, and very helpful
Johnny: He's timid and comes from a bad home, which causes him to be nervous and anxious at times.
Two-Bit: He's funny and always gets in trouble. A risk-taker and a rule breaker, whose impulsive nature gets him into trouble.
Dally- Dally's a reckless outlaw, with a criminal record and a bad attitude.

- to solve this rivalry, one night they have a rumble
- the greasers ended up winning
We connected this text to the world because people
seem to stereotype others
The Outsiders
Ponyboy is a greaser. People think greasers are wild, crazy kids who don't have respect for others. Only a few know Ponyboy as a shy, intelligent boy. The Soc are stereotyped as nice, rich kids who treat other people with respect. The soc and greasers are enemies who always fight and never get along. This passage shows us that we are all similar and not to judge others.
Simile: he was as white as a ghost.
Alliteration: where we were (pg.76), Her hardest hue to hold (pg.77)
Ponyboy because he
is the main character the book revolves around him and he is basically telling the story
Dallas, because he is the one who told them to go to Windrixville, and he also gave Johnny the gun
-Ponyboy is a 14 year old in a greaser gang, living in a lousy neighborhood.
-His gang, including his brothers, has a rivalry with the Soc, a group of snobby rich kids.
-The two gangs have a few minor encounters, until one night it all changes.
- Johnny and Ponyboy are at a park and some Soc come over.
-A Soc named Bob attempts to drown Ponyboy and Johnny stabs him with a blade.
-They go to Dally and he gives them a gun and directions to a hideout in an abandoned church,
-after a week at the church, Dally comes to check on them and Pony says he wants to turn himself in.
-they eat, then come back to see the church on fire, and there are kids in the church, they try to save them.
-Johnny and Dallas get injured in the church and are taken to the hospital
-Johnny is in bad condition but Dally was to be out in few weeks
-A big rumble happens in a vacant lot between the Greasers and the Soc
-Dally shows up and helps the greasers win the fight
-right after, Ponyboy and Dallas go to the hospital, where Johnny says his final words before passing away
-Darry runs off and goes to rob a grocery store. With the police on his back. he calls up the gang to help him but it was too late.
-Defeated, Dallas pulls a gun out, and the police shot him down.
-Ponyboy goes to court for of the murder of Bob and the judge rules him
not guilty
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