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Middle Ages: Noble

No description

Kris Hernandez

on 27 October 2014

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Transcript of Middle Ages: Noble

Middle Ages: Nobles
Alyse Jackson, Cassia B, Dallen Abel, Kris Hernandez, Lance Frankel
-building within the castle called the "keep"
-castle was giant
-defensive towers
What did Nobles homes look like?
Did Nobles own their own homes?
-women wore headdresses
-men wore trousers covered by long coats
What did clothes of the Nobles look like?
Nobles had power over everyone who received land/ protection from them
Did Nobles have power over anyone else?
Does anyone have power over the Nobles?
-For females, all men had power over you
-All nobles obeyed the king
What are Nobles most prized possessions?
What did Nobles usually eat for dinner?
-animal meat
What did Nobles do for fun?
-Men: hunting, jousting
-Women: sewed, housekept
If nobles were to have children, what did they expect from them to do every day?
-carry the family name
-school at age 7
What was the best thing about being a Noble?
-castles and mansions of their own
-no labor
What were Nobles hopes for the future?
-have children
-grand children
-carrying of the family name
What did nobles fear most?
-capturing of your castle by an enemy
-medieval sorcery, witches and spells
How did Nobles stay warm?
-layers of clothing
Where did Nobles travel and why?
-traveled to participate in sports
-travel to different royal courts
-the church
What other interesting things did you learn about the lives of the Nobles?
-hawk training
-military service
-women expected to take husbands roles when at war
-both genders could play instruments

If the area of the Nobles got invaded, how would the Nobles lives change?
-lose prized possessions
-lose castle
-live with those you provided land to
What is the worst thing about being a Noble?
-decision making
-possibility of being overthrown
What tools did Nobles use?
-hearth to cook
-fire pit to provide deodorant
-swords for jousting
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