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s.s. project

caitlyn g

on 3 October 2012

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Transcript of Fiji

Fiji By.Caitlyn G The buildings in Fiji are mostly made of bamboo, called Bure Buildings Many Fijians dress very traditionally though some younger generations do dress very modern Dress Fiji was once called The Cannibal Islands History Fiji's icon or flag has a light blue background to represent the sea with the United Kingdom flag in the right corner and a shield on it on the right side Icon The types of jobs that can be found in Fiji are pretty much jobs that can be found in the USA Jobs Language The official language in Fiji
is English The population of Fiji is 818,000 Population Christian, Hindu, & others Religion Fiji is ran by the Fijian military which is ran by the illegal prime minster Frank Banimarama Government In Fiji they eat root crops and rice. A Fijian breakfast might include Babakau or Fijian Doughnuts & lemon leaf tea with fresh papayas, pineapple, watermelon, or bananas Yum!!! One of Fiji's national pride are Boxing Day which is the day after Christmas National Pride In Fiji you can find arts & crafts that reflect local adaptations of their Polynesian & Melanesian heritage Art Fiji is both urban & rural Urban Or Rural The highest point on Fiji is Mount Victoria which is 4,341 Zutff!!!
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