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Bionic Contact Lens

By: Val & Tate

Val Tate

on 10 June 2013

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Transcript of Bionic Contact Lens

Messaging Video By: Val & Tate Bionic Contact Lens Present Day Contact Development Diagram Now the University of Washington is
working on a bionic contact lens, but it only has one pixel of information. Holograms When holograms are developed,
anyone around you when you are
using the holograms cannot see
what you are doing. Camera Photos and Videos The camera can be either
voice controlled, or controlled
with a wireless remote. You will
be able to wirelessly download
any photos or videos you take. Instant Messaging, Texting, Email There will be three different
types of messaging. All three
will be viewed with holograms.
With the bionic contact lens,
you can instant message, text,
or email. Directions & Maps Just like with Google Glasses,
you can get maps and directions
to wherever you need to be. They
will be displayed on holograms.
You can enter address' with the
remote, or using voice control. This is where we think
technology will be in
41 years. 2013 This video explains the
present day contact lens,
how it is being developed,
and what scientists hope it
will turn out like. Thank You! Does anyone have any questions? Medical Awareness Night Vision
Binoculars You can turn on
night vision using
the remote. To zoom
in on things far away
you can use the remote and holograms. Face Recognition When you wear the
contacts, there will be face recognition. This means
that when you look or talk with someone there will be a profile, telling you anything that is important to know about that person. If you are about to
have either a heart attack, or a
stroke, you will be notified, so there is less damage and you can get medication right away. You can also view your medical records on holograms. Google Glasses Similarities & Differences The bionic contact lens will be different from Google Glasses because you won't be able to see them, however they will have many of the same qualities and technology.
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