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Comparing Renaissance Architecture to Medieval Architectu

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Nick Kardis

on 13 September 2013

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Transcript of Comparing Renaissance Architecture to Medieval Architectu

Renaissance - Humanities
Renaissance - Science And Technology
Comparing Differences Between Renaissance Architecture and Medieval Architecture
Medieval Architecture
There are many differences between Renaissance Architecture and Medieval Architecture. The main ones are that there were many different types of buildings and styles in the medieval times where as the Renaissance had one particular style that they went with most of the time. Some more minor differences is the structural support, the structural support in medieval times was needed, it was visible but they tried to incorporate it into the building. Renaissance architecture also had visible support however it was less noticeable and really was not needed in most buildings. If it was it was very well incorporated into designs. It was in the form of pilasters and pillars. Arches were also used as support.
The Renaissance style used symmetry and proportion, alike to Ancient Greece and Rome. Strategically placed columns, hemispherical domes etc. The intention of the Renaissance architects was to use similarities between Ancient Greece and the Renaissance. A lot of plans for Renaissance architecture were symmetrical and square. They would often use a module, which would usually be the width of an aisle. They would integrate this throughout the church.
Renaissance Architecture
There were many different types of medieval architecture such as: Gothic, Romanesque. They were both very confined in the way you it is built. You stick by one design and stay with it. Romanesque uses: Thick walls, Small windows, Rounded Arches, Wooden ceilings. They were also very limited in height. Gothic Architecture is very different even though they were built in the same time period. They usually had buttresses which are things that stemmed off the side of the building usually used for support because the buildings were so big. They had huge stained glass windows. Very different to Romanesque in the sense they are usually built quite tall. They also use high ceilings
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