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Counting By 7s

No description

Annica Nguyen

on 5 August 2015

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Transcript of Counting By 7s

Counting By 7s
by Holly Goldberg Sloan

Pattie (Dung) Nguyen
Another major character in the story is Pattie Nguyen. She is the mother of Quang-Ha and Mai Nguyen. She owns a nail salon called Happy Polish Nails. Before Willow came into her life, she lived with her two kids in a garage by the nail salon. After she met Willow, she decided to do everything in her power to take care of her, temporarily at the time. By the end of the story, she decided to adopt Willow into her family with Jairo Hernandez, a minor character.
Main Characters~
Main characters are most important to the story. In Counting By 7s, the main characters include:
- Willow Chance
- Mai Nguyen
- Pattie (Dung) Nguyen
- Dell Duke
Willow Chance
Willow Chance was the one who started it all. She is included in almost every page, and the problem was all focused on her. She is twelve years old and she is highly gifted in her intelligence area. Plants and medical diseases are of great interest to her, When her parents died in the car crash, she went to a friend for help, bringing Mai Nguyen into the story.
Mai Nguyen
Mai Nguyen is a main character because she introduced some of the other characters, like Pattie Nguyen, and Quang-Ha Nguyen. She is a high school girl and she brought Willow in to her family's story and home, where they grew close. She is of Vietnamese culture. She is a very confident girl, and is very capable of bossing others around.
Dell Duke
Dell Duke started out just as Willow's counsler, because her school thought she was a cheater. At first, he wanted to take advantage of Willow to make himself smarter when he found out about her smarts. He lived alone in his very messy apartment at the Gardens of Glenwood. He is major because he was the one who let the Nguyens and Willow live at his apartment and he was the first person to meet Willow.
Minor Characters
Minor characters are characters who are mentioned in the story, but they don't impact it as much as the main characters do. They include:
- Jairo Hernandez
- Quang-Ha Nguyen
- Lenore Cole
Jairo Hernandez
Jairo Hernandez is a Spanish taxi cab driver who later wins money to go back to college. He believes that Willow is his guardian angel. Jairo is not a main character because he did not do anything that helped Willow's situation, other than adopt her at the end. But through the whole story, he had no impact on her life.
Quang-Ha Nguyen
Quang-Ha Nguyen is a boy who loves to draw and do art. He hates Willow at first and wishes that he and his family had never met her an taken her in. He is not so helpful through the book, although as the story goes on, he begins to appreciate Willow's presence.
Every story has good guys and bad guys. Protagonists and antagonists. In Superman, Superman was the protagonist. But in the case of Counting By 7s, Quang Ha, Mai, Pattie, Dell, and Jairo are the heroes. Each and every one of those people care for and love Willow in a different way. They protect her and somehow grow close to her throughout the story.
What's a story without an evil maniac, right? Not right. All antagonists don't do bad because they are selfish, or they want revenge. Lenore Cole tries to tear Willow away from the Nguyens, even though they are completely capable of her care and needs. It is obvious that she wants the best for Willow, but she doesn't know that staying with the Nguyen family is best. So, in that way, Lenore is an antagonist.
Lenore Cole
Lenore is a minor character, who is also an antagonist. She is Willow's caseworker, and she works at Jamison Children's Center. She obviously cares deeply about Willow's needs, so she wants to take her away from the Nguyens, which she thinks aren't appropriate to take care of her at the time, although that's where Willow wants to stay. Therefore, she is labeled as antagonist.
The setting is where and when the story takes place. Counting by 7s is located in Bakersfield, California, mostly in the Gardens of Glenwood, an apartment building in the area. There, the Nguyens and Dell Duke live. There is no confirmation, but i would assume that this book would take place present day.
The conflict of the story is that Willow's adoptive parents have died in a tragic accident ad Willow needs a new home. Mai contacts her mother, who agrees to temporarily care for Willow until the adoption agency finds a permanent home for her. But once this happens, Pattie decides that she and her family has grown too close to Willow over the past 3 months to let her go away.
The resolution of the story is that Pattie and Jairo go to court to adopt Willow as partners, Willow goes back to school and goes on with life.
Main Events
Before the resolution comes, things happen that change everything. Three main events in the story are when Willow's parents die, when she starts the garden at the Gardens of Glenwood, and when Pattie gets half responsibility of Willow with Jairo.
1. Willow's parent's die
Willow goes to a counseling session one day, only to come home to her house, a flashing police car in the road. The officers tell her that her parents have suffered tragic death in a car crash. When Willow's parents are killed in a car accident, the whole story starts. She would have never had to go live with the Nguyens or run away and meet Jairo, or get re-adopted.
2. Willow, the Nguyens, and Dell start a garden
While Willow was with the Nguyens, all she could really think about was her parents, and she refused to go to school. She was inactive, and she needed something to get her parent's death off of her mind. When she comes up with the idea of a new garden at the Gardens of Glenwood, it distracts her with good things. She works hard on the garden, helping her get back on her feet a bit. It also bring s her closer to everyone, especially Quang-Ha.
3. Willow gets a new family
At the end, Pattie hears that there's going to be a court meeting to get Willow new parents. But seeing Willow go is harder than she thought, and having grown so close to her, Pattie decides that she wants to adopt Willow. She goes to the court meeting and without Willow knowing, Pattie fills forms to adopt Willow in partnership with Jairo Hernandez. Later, Willow finds out in the court session when her adoption is confirmed.
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