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iPads for Speech and Language

No description

Cat Morris

on 31 January 2013

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Transcript of iPads for Speech and Language

iPads Catherine de Beaux speech apps for articulation Speech Tutor
(iPod, iPhone and iPad) Tongue Twisters
(iPod, iPhone and iPad) talking apps
(iPod, iPhone and iPad) Talking Tom Talking Rex Talking Gina Great tools for
speech, language,
literacy and
social skills speech language - use apps to learn concepts,
grammar, social skills, vocabulary language Super Duper fun decks
(iPod, iPhone and iPad) cooking games for sequencing
(iPod, iPhone and iPad) pizza, cupcake, ice-cream, cake, donut etc maker cookie doodle Story kit
(iPod, iPhone and iPad) Artikpix
(iPod, iPhone and iPad Super Duper
(iPad only) ebooks
(iPad, iphone, ipod) literacy bitsboard
(iPad) Phonics Genius
(iPod, iPhone and iPad) Profs' Phonics
(iPod, iPhone and iPad Starfall learn to read
(iPod, iPhone and iPad) Alpha Writer
(iPod, iPhone and iPad) Fitzroy readers
(iPod, iPhone and iPad) Magnetic Alphabet
(iPod, iPhone and iPad) Interactive Alphabet
(iPod, iPhone and iPad) Splingo!
(iPod, iPhone and iPad) Pic Collage
(iPod, iPhone and iPad) Keep calm
iPad on
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