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Game of BaThrone

Crash Course on Creativity Assigment 5

Javier Yunes

on 15 November 2012

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Transcript of Game of BaThrone

First Chalenge: The Hand(s) Second Challenge: The feet Third Challenge: The head! Game of BaThrone The white (paper) is coming You have to move your hand in a circular
manner in order to roll the paper on it and finish
as quickly as possible! Let's give it a try!! Same as before... but this time you are standing
on one foot and the other is rolling in the air! It's time to bite that tip and start dancing like crazy
to finish that roll in no time! The game consist on rolling the paper out of paper rolls using different parts of your body! It's an amazing exercise! You need:
- All the paper rolls you can get!
- The bar that holds the curtain in your shower!
- Permission from your roommate Secret fouth challenge! Sorry! This one is only available in the adult version of the game... comming to stores the summer! ;) - For added difficulty/exercise you can do the first challenge with both arms at the same time, using two rolls! :D SUPER TIPS!!!! Have FUN!!!! - Get several rolls on the bar and compete against friends!
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