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Leadership Experiences - Best & Worst

No description

Michael Edgar

on 31 January 2013

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Transcript of Leadership Experiences - Best & Worst

Worst John Gagliardi Situation:
Head coach for St. John's University
Winningest coach in college football
Leadership Behavior & Style
Charismatic, Supportive, Participative, Reward
Referent, Expert, & Legitimate Power
Winning with "No"
Two-way respect
Honorable values Miron Marcotte Situation:
New Managing Director for Protiviti, Minneapolis
High turnover rate
No managers/ leaders
Uncertainty of company future
Leadership Behavior & Style
Charismatic, Supportive, Participative, Reward
Referent & Legitimate Power
Open, fair, honest, and funny
Family-like organization
Two-way respect
Belief in employees
Social exchange and fairness. Cory J. Situation
Highschool football coach
Losing team
Leadership Behavior & Style
Reward & Punishment
Legitimate Power
"My way or the highway" Chuck D. Situation:
Owner/manager of a small construction company.
Unpleasant work
Leadership Behavior & Style
Legitimate and Expert Power
"My way or the highway"
Respect Lessons Learned Believe/Trust in people (John/Miron)
You can have deep impacts (John)
Disappointment is an effective punishment (John/ Miron)
Good leaders bring out good followers & vice versa (John/Miron)
Think differently (John)
Support & Empathize (Miron)
Take turnover personally (Miron)
Demonstrate commitment and dedication through unstable conditions (Miron)
Money is typically not at the top of the list in job satisfaction or as a performance motivator (Miron)
Important to be a role-model for followers (Miron)
Be cognizant when employees yearn for rewards (Chuck)
Don't micromanage and let individuals grow (Chuck()
Get your hands dirty with the lower level employees and you'll gain respect (Chuck) Best Leadership Experiences Best and Worst Leaders
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