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demi hatria

all about me

Demi hatria

on 5 December 2012

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Transcript of demi hatria

I have 2 bigger brother 1 little sister and 3 dogs my sis. name is kate my bro. Jake and luke i have kim my dog zeke and alex i'm 10 jake 14 and luke 12 kim is 3 he's a puppy and so is alex shes 1 zeke is 7 he's almost the age of me my full name is Demi alison hatria my bro. jake pesote hatria kates 4 my other bro. luke carin hatria my mom talor crist hatria my dad dan tron hatria my sis kate dawn hatria i am a big fan of ariana grande and justin bebier some people think his name is justin bever but its bebier not bever my sis. likes talor swift shes jelous that my middle name alison bacause talors middle is alison and i love that i love to sing and i;m really good i won a singing compition 1rst place 4 times and 2nd 8 times 3rd once my voice is a bit like victoria justice everyone says that who's herd me my fav. colour is teel i hate light pink so much i like pink but not light my fav. sport is soccer my whole family is good at it i love soccer so much its my hobby i won state chapion ship i have 6 trofies even my sis. is good but not as good as me and one more thing my moms name is talor almost my whole familys name is with celebraties aaaahhhhh thats so cool i'm lucky and my grampa's name is justin hordil and my moms name is talor i had 4 dogs but the oldest died prune was his name i miss him so much he was so cute i use to have a pet cat and fish but my cat ate the fish my cat was milly and fish goldy because it was a gold fish my cat ran away my best friends name is tracey dil moril we had 6 sleepovers and are still in eachoters class sivce preshcool she has i little and bigger bro shes so nice and good at soccer we look alike a bit some people think were sisters or twins tracey is good at singing too we won a singing compition together 6 times here is a picture of my cat you know what tracey has a cat too heres a picture shes so cute
i'm getting a new cat i jus
hope my dogs don't chase her we wen't to the pet store ang we are
going to by a cat we already paid but
their said you can have it after a week
cause its sick so i took a picture and here it is here is a picture of zeke heres a picture of kim and here's alex there all so cute and heres my dog that died here is a picture of my bro. jake heres a picture of kate heres a picture of me
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