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No description

Daniela Maltese

on 11 December 2013

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Target Audience & Industry
Huy Fong Foods has begun to break away from being known as a sauce for only Asian food and now is being known as a hot sauce for all cultures. Targeting all races, ages, genders, ethnicity, really anyone who loves hot sauce.
Strengths & Weaknesses
In December 2009, Bon Appetit magazine named its Sriracha sauce Ingredient of the Year for 2010.
Internet sensation (The Oatmeal) & pop culture phenomenon
City of Irwindale filed a lawsuit against Huy Fong Foods in October 2013, claiming that the factory odor was a public nuisance.
In 2010 the company produced 20 million bottles of sauce in a year, their supply still unable to keep up with demand.
No mainstream promotions.
3 unique flavored hot sauces
Tone & Current Design Style
Straight forward, in your face, bright colors.
Very traditional font and logo design.
It can be recognized by its bright red color and its packaging: a clear plastic bottle with a green cap, text in five languages (Vietnamese, English, Chinese, French and Spanish) and the rooster logo.
What originally started out as an asian food has now branched off into multicultural food. It has become the next condiment. However, only those interested in adding heat or additional flavor to their foods would be interested in their products.
Client Profile
Huy Fong Foods
is a hot sauce company based in Rosemead, California. It has grown to become one of the leaders in the Asian hot sauce market, especially Sriracha sauce. Huy Fong Foods is a family business, staffed by eight members of the family.
To Continue making high quality ingredients at low prices and great taste and make it a success in today's trend toward spicy foods.

Chili Garlic

Sambal Oelek
Beginning in 1980 on Spring Street in Los Angeles's Chinatown, with an initial investment of US$50,000 in family savings after being turned down by a bank for a US$200,000 loan, it has grown to become one of the leaders in the Asian hot sauce market, especially Sriracha sauce. The company is named for the old Panamanian freighter that carried Tran and 3,317 other refugees out of Vietnam in December 1978. The rooster logo comes from the fact that Tran was born in the Year of the Rooster on the Vietnamese zodiac. The bottles' trademark green top symbolizes the freshness of the chili used. In 1986 or 1987, Huy Fong Foods relocated to a 68,000-square-foot (6,300 m2) building in Rosemead, California.
Strengths & Weaknesses
Objective & Target Audience
This ad campaign can help further establish the company and help gain community awareness for their products. A rebranding would a fresh new look to attract a new customer base and increase their profit margin.
Taglines and Keywords
Call to Action
We want gain awareness and for new customers to try out our product. Besides the foodies, hipsters, and Asian-American restaurants that carry it, many view Sriracha sauce as exotic or have not heard of it at all.
Creative Brief
Sriracha Hot Sauce Rebranding

Prepared by: Daniela Maltese
Unique Selling Proposition
Huy Fong Foods are a family run business dedicated in making the freshest, cheapest and best tasting hot sauce. Founder David Tran wanted to give back to the community in flavor for the country taking him in as a refugee after the Vietnam War. Unlike their competitors, Huy Fong Foods use the freshest ingredients grown only 70 miles from the factory and has kept their same great tasting recipe since 1983.
Target consumer would be male or female, single or married, ages 20's-40's, $20,000+ annual income, and ideally anyone who likes to add spice and flavor into their foods
Huy Fong Foods use only the freshest ingredients in all of their hot sauces
Huy Fong Foods' chili sauces are made from ripe red jalapeño chili peppers and contain no added water or artificial colors.
Huy Fong Foods has begun to break away from being known as a sauce for only Asian food and now is being known as a hot sauce for all cultures. Some uses for the sauce include topping pizzas, marinating meat, adding heat to chilies and soups, and spicing up salsas.
"Feel the heat"
"Fresh. Hot. Sriracha."
"Where food meets flavor"
Huy Fong Foods
(Specifically Sriracha Hot Sauce)
Never advertised in the US
Unknown to average Americans
Supply and demand availability
Competition of American made hot sauces
Unfamiliarity to average Americans leave them scared to try something new.
No social media output or widespread advertising restricts gaining customer fan base.
SWOT Analysis
Empire built entirely on quality, affordability, and taste.
Family owned
Passionate following
Because of it's cult following and current internet sensationalism, the company has a large margin of company base they have yet to uncover.
Continue to offer same customer loved product.
Target larger populations for rapid spread advertising
Expanded Target Market
Age: 23
Gender: Male
Location: Orlando, FL
Income Level: $22,000
Social Class: Lower Class
Occupation: Sales Consultant
Education: Bachelors Degree
Martial Status: Single
Hobbies: Bike riding, playing guitar, cooking
Cody Jennings
Leslie Gardner
Age: 34
Gender: Female
Location: Columbus, OH
Income Level: $53,000
Social Class: Middle Class
Occupation: Interior Designer
Education: Bachelors Degree
Martial Status: Married
Hobbies: Crafting, Designing, Swimming
Mood Boards
Competitive Action
Tabasco has a full regime of social media outlets as well as a merchandise line from hats and shirts to pins.
Like Sriracha, they haven't much swayed from the original logo, but have had some product packaging redesigns.
They have had tons of US print ads as well as new usage ideas and new menu items to increase profit margin.
Frank's Red Hot "I put that *&%$ on Everything" campaign was successful online and offline introducing their initiatives.
Competition Analysis
Market Trends
Frank's Red Hot
Tabasco, has a 144-year-old history and estimated $100 million annual retail sales that earns it a veteran standing among other condiments. While its Sriracha sales figures are not available, Huy Fong is reported to have turned out 20 million bottles last year.
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