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Barbary Pirates.

History about the Barbay Pirates, and what happen.

chelsea hardy

on 11 October 2011

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Transcript of Barbary Pirates.

The Barbary Pirates were from Africa North African pirates caused trouble for every ship that passed through the Mediterranean Sea for hundreds of years. by the late 1700s many countries were paying the Barbary Pirate's to ship without being violently attacked. Background on the Pirates The Barbary pirates worked off the coast of North Africa. legend has it, the Barbary pirates sailed as far as Iceland to attack ships, takes slaves, and distroy goods that are on the ships. Most nations (countries) that used the sea to ship their goods found it easier, and cheaper, to bribe the pirates rather than fight them. Then, it became a tradition to pay to pass thrrough the Mediterranean. European countries worked out treaties with the Barbary Pirates. By the early 19th century the pirates were sponsored by the Arab rulers.
Tripoli Barbary Pirates AMERICAN SHIPS WERE PROTECTED BEFORE INDEPENDENCE! Before the United states got its Independence from Britain, American merchants ships were protected by the British Navy. Merchants-
Goods In March 1786, TWO FUTURE presidents met with an ambassador from the pirate nations of North Africa. Thomas Jefferson (the US ambassador in France), and John Adams (the ambassador to Britain). They asked why American merchant ships were being attacked without a reason. (Like somebody coming up and punching you when you didn't do anything.) Ambassador-
a person below the highest
rank. The ambassador explained that the Muslim Pirates thought Americans should be simply destroyed. But when the "young" american nation was figuring out its shipping, america couldn't rely on British warships, to keep the ships safe from the Barbary pirates. The Us government adopted the policy of bribing the pirates. Jefferson objected to this policy in the 1790s. Having been involded in a discusstion to free the Americans that were being held by the barbary pirates, jefferson believed that paying them would only bring up other problems for him. The "young" US Navy was getting ready to deal with the problems by building some ships that were going to fight off the African pirates. War with the Barbary Pirates. The ship "Philadelphia" saw service in the Caribbean before becoming involved in the first was against the Barbary pirates. 1801-1805: The First Barbary War
When Thomas Jefferson became president, he refused to pay the pirates, the countries "lunch" money. In May 1801, two months after he sworn to be the president, the pasha/presitdent of Tripoli (its a country) declared war on the United States. ? The Us Congress didn't declare war in response to Tripoli, but Jefferson sent off some war ships to the coast of North Africa to deal with the pirates. The American Navy was quick to address the problem, and captured some Barbary pirate ships. Americans had a successful blockad in tripoli. But the tide turned against the united states when the ship Philadelphia ran up on the sand in Tripoli. (which is now Libya) the captain and crew were captured by the Barbary Pirates. Stephen Decatur becomes an American Naval Hero. The philadelphia was a win for the pirates, but it was a short win. Because of Stephen Decatur. In February 1804, Lieutenant Stephan Decatur of the Us Navy,sailing on the Philadelphia, managed to sail on to the sand at tripoli and he got the Philadelphia back. He burned the ship so it couldn't be used by the pirates. Stephen's action became a naval legend. Stephen Decatur, became a national hero in the United States,
he was given the job of being a captain. To the Shores of Tripoli In April 1805 the Us navy, with us Marines, attacked the port of Tripoli. The Marines were under contol by a Lieutenant presley o'bannon, led to a battle of Derna.
O'bannonand his small grouped captured a bass of the pirates. This was making in the first American victory on a other country's soil. O'bannon raised an American flag over the pirates bass.
A Treaty Ended the First Barbary war. After the American wins at Tripoli, a treaty was arranged. The American's were not satistified, but it ended the First Barbary war. one problem which delayed the treaty by the Us Senate, was
that he had to pay the Barbary pirates to free some American prisoners. But the treaty was eventually signed, when Jefferson told the Congress in 1806, he said that the Barbary pirates (islands) would respect the american ships. The issues with the Barbary pirates faded into the background for a long time. Problems with britain coming in, and messing with the American ships took place and led to the war of 1812 Barbary Barbie Girl
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