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KWL Chart

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Candi Adams

on 31 July 2010

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Transcript of KWL Chart


There are more than 12,000 species of ants all over the world.

An ant can lift 20 times its own body weight. If a second grader was as strong as an ant, she would be able to pick up a car!

Some queen ants can live for many years and have millions of babies!

Ants don’t have ears. Ants "hear" by feeling vibrations in the ground through their feet.

When ants fight, it is usually to the death!

KWL Charts We are going to review how to use a KWL chart. Remeber that a KWL chart is used to help organize: K- what we know, W- what we want to know, & L- what we learn. ANTS!! K- What we know. bite
hard workers
store/carry food
make homes in the ground W- What we want to know? How strong are ants?
How do they make their homes?
How many different kinds of ants are there? L- What did we learn? There are 12,000 species of ants
They can lift 20 times their own body weight
Ants work together to make their colonies usually underground
Queen ants can have millions of babies

When foraging, ants leave a pheromone trail so that they know where they’ve been,

Queen ants have wings, which they shed when they start a new nest.

Ants don’t have lungs. Oxygen enters through tiny holes all over the body and carbon dioxide leaves through the same holes.

When the queen of the colony dies, the colony can only survive a few months. Queens are rarely replaced and the workers are not able to reproduce. http://www.infowest.com/life/aants.htm

Chart It!!
Ants by prestigidination
Antworks ant habitate- Timelapse of ants creating tunnels
by dorancha

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