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Ad-Juster Work Flow

Quick show of how Ad-Juster automates ad operations data. We match local to 3rd party ad data and let you see your ad discrepancy. Digital publishers use this info to optimize their ad campaigns and shorten ad billing cycles.

Mirela Sabanovic-Lewis

on 21 January 2016

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Transcript of Ad-Juster Work Flow

The World's Only Third Party Discrepancy Tool for Ad Operations!
Ad-Juster Work Flow Map
3rd Party Ad Servers
Local Ad Servers
Your Ad-Juster Report
View Ad
Catch Mismapped
Manage Campaign
Ad-Juster Lets You:
Ad-Juster automatically gathers data from all Local and 3rd party ad servers
and creates reports all in one place!
We empower your team to control campaign pacing, mitigate delivery discrepancies and reduce billing cycles.
Our biggest impression with Ad-Juster is the time savings, we cut down the time that it took campaign manager to check discrepancy by 75%."
Chris Principe Sr. Director, Performance & Ad Operations - Undertone
How does the Ad-Juster Work?
Ad-Juster User
If you would like to see what Ad-Juster can do specifically for your Ad Ops. Please fill out the request on our site today http://bit.ly/1DFFrgB
A few Other Publishers Optimizing Operations with Ad-Juster...
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