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Instructional Intelligence

Teaching is a complex profession.

Tina Zita

on 26 July 2011

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Transcript of Instructional Intelligence

Instructional Concepts Instructional Organizers Instructional Tactics Instructional Organizers are the lenses through which we look at our students, research which informs our practice. Every child can succeed. Teaching is both an art and a science Science=what we know [concpets/organizers/skills/tactics and strategies]
Art=how we use and combine the tools to be effective As teachers, all we do
stems from our belief that... Instructional Integlligence Instructional Skills To differentiate for the variety of learners in our class, we must have a better understanding of the complex facets of INSTRUCTION. Instructional Concepts are the beliefs that drive instruction. Instructional skills are what we do as a teacher. Instructional tactics are like quick tools the teacher can use with students. They can be combined to be even more effective. Instructional Strategies Instructional strategies are more complex, requiring more steps. Putting the responsibility on the student. Mind Mapping Concept Mapping Jigsaw TGT Feedback Interest Safety Individual Accountability Brain Research Multiple Intelligences Bloom's Taxonomy Think-Pair Share Placemat Graffiti Venn Diagrams Wait Time Framing Questions Modelling Probing
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