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The Love Canal

a breif summary on the love canal.

Emily Gordon

on 1 February 2010

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Transcript of The Love Canal

The Love Canal Disaster
By: Emily Gordon The Cause
caused because of the construction of the shcool broke the copper lining
caused by a record amount of rainfall
by Niagara Falls
in New York Give me liberty. I already have Death.
(from a sign hung up by a Love Canal resident,1978) Today
no environmental issues
not that many residants Why are they so angery??

The air had a weird smell
The water was contaminated
Chemicals were seeping and oozing into residants yards and basements Effects on People/Animals
Many of the chemicals found caused cancer, respiratory distress, paralizing of the fingers, birth deffects,and even death. Children and animals had chemical burns from playing in the dirt, there where also reports of chemical explosions throughout the neighborhood. Clean-up
took 21 years
cost $400 million
installed a drainage system
capped with clay
the EPA did the clean-up Prevention
disposed of chemicals properly
made sure it was safe for families and pets information from:
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