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Amazing Race

No description

William Iorio

on 22 May 2018

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Transcript of Amazing Race

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Amazing Race
Dublin, Ireland
Dublin is a city in Ireland, and Ireland is a country of the continent Europe. The coordinates of the city are 44 degrees north and 70 degrees west. Dublin is located in the eastern part of Ireland. It can be found West of the UK. It is 4,722.39km from Portland.
Kathmandu, Nepal.
Katmandu is a city located in the country Nepal. It's continent is Asia. The coordinates are 28 degrees North, 85 degrees East. Kathmandu is located in Mid-Nepal. It can be found North of the Ganges River. It is 7,744.72 km from Dublin.
Task in Portland, Maine
since this is the starting location there is no task
Portland, Maine
The first city we'll visit is Portland, Maine. It's country is the U.S.A., and it's continent is North America. It's coordinates are 44 degrees North, and 70 degrees West. It's located in Southern Maine. It can be found on the coastline.
Ilam, Will, Vincent
Task In Dublin, Ireland
the task to be completed in
Ireland is to visit the Dublin castle and search for a box of clues
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