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CSR of Walt Disney Company

No description

Sylvia Widjaya

on 14 January 2013

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Transcript of CSR of Walt Disney Company

The CSR of The Walt Disney Company Topics to be covered : Company Issue 1 - Human Rights Violations Issue Company Issue 2 - Animal Protection Issue Conclusion About Walt Disney Company
The issue of Walt Disney Company
Criticism against organisation
CSR activities of Walt Disney Company
Walt Disney Response in respect to CSR
The culture shift Implementing economic exploitation
According to human rights campaigners, Disney Chinese factories using 14-year-old employees
Routine excessive overtime
Using poisonous chemicals and poor ventilation
Suicidal of 1 worker after being repeatedly shouted by bosses CSR in the organization conduction for sustainable growth. It is not easy to implement the CSR culture, especially for a large multinational company as Walt Disney. There are a lot of issue in each country such as boycott in preserved animal e.g. whale. However, Walt Disney is trying to focus more and more on improving CSR culture regarding to green standard, animal rescue and etc. They should be succeeding in their goals due to good planing and managing style. Presented by :
Sylvia Company Overview The Walt Disney Company is one of the largest media and entertainment corporations in the world.
Founded on October 16, 1923.
The company is a component of the Dow Jones Industrial Average Company Mission Statement " to be the one of world's leading producers and providers of entertainment and information. Using our portfolio of brands to differentiate our content, services and consumer products, we seek to develop the most creative, innovative and profitable entertainment experiences and related products in the world." "The Walt Disney Company is committed to balancing environmental stewardship with its corporate goals and operations throughout the worlds" CSR Mission Statement The Walt Disney Vision? Sacom (Students and Scholars Against Corporate Misbehavior) report that 'Disney Children's Books made with the blood, sweat and tears of young workers' HongKong Disneyland was opened on 12th September 2005
Upon to its opening day, it announced that it would serve shark's fin soup
Outraged responses have arisen from environmentalists
Paul Watson, "They say it's cultural. Does that mean Disneyland in Japan is now going to be having whale burgers?"
Disney responses Boycott Homosexual employees
Lesbian show host
Portrayal of character, "beauty is good" stereotype
Anti-Christian Boycott 1995 action of catholic league:
Boycott call
Posted on public
Take out the advertisements
catholic organization 1996 - Assemblies of God
1997 - Southern Baptists Actions of Walt Disney Company Deny
Object Report
Gay Rights Activities Any effect? Yes
Recalled hip hop album
gave up release 'dogma' No
Baptist have criticized the boycott
ends of boycott hidden message in Disney movie Walt Disney's CSR activities Animal Rescue Effort
Project Green Culture Shift within Walt Disney Constraint for culture shift
Aspiration to improve culture shifting THANK YOU
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