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The Giving Tree

No description

Korrie Harkins

on 26 February 2013

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Transcript of The Giving Tree

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Korrie Harkins Once there was a tree.... And the tree loved a little boy. The little boy loved the tree back,
and the tree was happy. But one day, the boy left the tree. And the tree was sad. After a few years the boy came back, and the tree was happy. Come play
with me! I do not want to play,
I want to have money
so I can buy things and
go places. The tree wanted to make the boy happy, so she told him to pick her apples and sell them so he could have money. And then the boy left again And the tree was sad. Years passed, and finally the boy came back again... Come play
with me! I am too old to play. I need to build a house so I can have a family. The tree wanted to boy to be happy, so she let him cut all of her branches and take them to build a house. Then the boy left the tree again. Again, years went by, and the boy came back. And again, the tree tried to get the boy to come play with her. But the boy said... I am too old and sad to play. I want a way to leave this place. To make the boy happy, the tree told him to cut down her trunk and make a boat so he could sail away. Now, many years had gone by, and the tree hadn't seen the boy at all. Until one day he came back to her... I'm sorry boy, I have nothing left to give you. The tree was happy to see the boy. But said, "I have no apples for you to eat or sell. I have no branches to give you shade or for you to build with. I have no trunk for you to climb or make a boat with. I am only a stump." That's okay, I am too old for any of those things. I am tired and lonely. I just need a place to sit. The tree straightened up and said... Well boy, a stump is a perfect place to sit and relax! The boy walked over to the tree and sat down on her stump. And because the boy was happy.... The tree was happy. The boy was happy The End Save Trees! About The Author NAME: Sheldon Allan Silverstein
OCCUPATION: Illustrator, Songwriter, Author, Poet
BIRTH DATE: September 25, 1930
DEATH DATE: May 10, 1999
EDUCATION: Roosevelt University
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