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The Lion King

No description

Itzel Romero

on 14 February 2014

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Transcript of The Lion King

The Lion King
The king of the savanna,
with a generous heart,
he teaches Simba to
be a responsible king and
he is killed by his
brother Scar.

The lion prince of the savanna,
who left his home because he thought he killed his father.
He accepts his responsability and returns to be king.
Was next in line for the throne until Simba's birth, and he is obsessed with the need to possess it.
Scar is Mufasa's younger brother and Simba's uncle.
Young lioness, a Simba's childhood friend.
She brings Simba back to be king.
Mufasa's wife, and Simba's mother.
A fearless lioness who defends her family throne 'till the end.
An imperactive meerkat, who adopts Simba and helps him to be king.
Pumbaa is his best friend.

Mufasa's trusted advisor.
Is a prim and proper hornbill
with a strong sense of dignity.
Banzi, Edd and Shenzi.
The Hyenas are enemies of the lions.
They were Scar's loyal followers until he left the throne.
A mandrill, who serves as a Grand Vizier to the lion king. Rafiki was an adviser to Mufasa and even Scar; he currently serves Simba.
You are exactly the person who you think you are.
Worries never steal tomorrows pain or solve the problems; instead, they empty our strength and settle a cloud on the face of joy!
A lion prince is born "Simba". Every animal of the Pride pays him tribute and he is taught by his father Mufasa to became a good king.
Some people arrive in our lives only to satisfy their own vested interests.
Having a real good friend and adviser.
Show respect.
Life is all about treating others the way you wish to be treated.
Almost every day we develop new thoughts and we grow up with them but we shouldn’t think twice to replace or eliminate them if they are not benefiting us in any way.
Sometimes we feel we are lost and nobody needs us, while the truth is just the opposite.
Past really hurts but it is in our hands to run away from it or learn from it. If you run, the past will keep haunting you.
But Scar's dream was to become king.. so he killed his brother and told Simba it was his fault.
So Simba run away.
Simba finds a new home
and friends, Timon and Pumba raised Simba.
They invented a new word "HAKUNA MATATA" (not worries)
and become second parents of Simba.
Simba is the prince
son of Mufasa and he
comes back to become king
One day, Nala finds Simba and tell him everything that has happened in home... so Simba returns.
Scar tells the truth to Simba and they fight. Simba wins and Scar is not able to come back again.
Simba becomes king and married Nala.
The kingdom returned to be the same as Mufasa´s kingdom.

It is well making mistakes, the important thing is to learn from them, to not commit them again and accept the responsibility of our actions.
What the movie teaches you...
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