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Harley Davidson

No description

Brynnin Ballard

on 30 March 2016

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Transcript of Harley Davidson

Harley Davidson first started in 1901, by a man named William S. Harley.
He made a blueprint for an engine that would fit into a bicycle.
In 1904, the first Harley-Davidson dealer in Chicago sold one out of the first three motorcycles ever made.
1905, the first full time employer was hired, 1906; a factory was made.
1911-1915, was a time for perfecting their motorcycle.
What is a description of the company?
An American motorcycle company, who builds and manufacturers motorcycles for selling and purchasing.
They also make a line of clothing, and shoes.
Some other things that Harley makes is helmets, oil, luggage, cups, and many more.
What are some major successes and failures of the company?
A major success was the Hummer and Aercc, because of the high selling time, and they were used during wars.
The brand Harley Davidson tried to make a line of perfume, but that was a complete fail.
With lack of innovations, sales went down, and people got old of the model.
Harley Davidson's clothing line was another major success.
What is the history of this stock?
What charities do they donate to?
Harley Davidson
Created by- Brynnin Ballard
What is the company's history?
Harley Davidson donates to many charity's, including St.Jude Memorial Donation, Operation Smile Donation, Riding for a Cause, and I am sure many more!
Current Price- 48.70
1 Year Ago- 61.74
5 Years Ago- 40.96
10 Years Ago- 51.88
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